Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Fragrance| Marc Jacobs Daisy


As one of my first fragrance related posts I thought I would do a quick rave and review about one of my favourite fragrances which is Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs. Now, I don't know about you guys but for starters I find all of the bottle designs beautiful and definitely eye catching . The particular one I have is in this pretty and attractive flower shape as its only a squidly 20ml where as the 75ml bottle (which I went out and bought not long after this one had ran out) is a much more of a generous sized bottle with the usual abundance of flowers on the lid.

Now the fragrance scent can only be described as floral with a hint of fruit thrown in there. It's definitely a light fragrance and is perfect for the summer but I've still found pleasure in wearing it through out these wintery days. This is definitely one of those fragrances which smells different on every person. I often find myself saying to a friend 'mmm I love your perfume what is that?!' And it in actual fact being the same one as I'm wearing. But I find this as more of a bonus as it means it's more personal. The main ingredients in the fragrance are grapefruit, pear and raspberry with a hint of jasmine and apple blossom in there too making it an abundance of fruity and floral favours which make it a nice fresh girly scent. AND the bottle pictured above only cost me £25(!) which I feel is quite a generous amount considering. 

Let me know some of your favourite fragrances in the comment section as I'm always on the hunt for something new :)


  1. We absolutely love all the Marc Jacob perfumes, but are yet to own one :( Currently our favourite fragrance has to be the original Chloe! We absolutely love fruity and floral scents


  2. I definitely agree the Marc Jacobs bottles are beautiful! I have the 50ml Dot and Honey and I absolutely love them! Might have to add Daisy to the collection too