Monday, 28 April 2014

Beauty| Breaking the Spending Ban with a Drugstore Cosmetics HAUL!

The spending ban is officially over! I took to Boots with my Debit card and some serious damage  was definitely caused. I thought I'd do a quick run down on what I bought as I love haul posts and if you are as nosey as myself, you may do too!
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo +
Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

'Happy Beauty Day!' Benefit Mini's Set

L'Oreal Colour Infallible Eye Shadow 

Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Self-Heating Face Mask
Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 Wash Off Deep Purifying Cleanser 

I will be doing a full review on all these products over the next few weeks! If you, yourself have tried any of the items above please let me know you thoughts and opinions in the comments!
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Thanks for reading!
What have you bought recently? 

Friday, 25 April 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination!

So happy to announce that the lovely Sarah from Colours Of Autumn has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It really does mean a lot to me when people nominate my blog for such awards as it really shows all the hard work I put in to my little blog is actually paying off and there really is no feeling better!

The rules of this tag are what makes this probably one of my current favourite tags out of all of which that have been floating around the blogosphere for a while now. They are as followed:

- Tag the person who nominated you
- Display the award on your blog
- Share several facts about yourself
- Nominate any bloggers that have inspired you!

So here are some random facts about myself, beauty and un-beauty related for you to hopefully enjoy!

1. I have a twin brother and often get asked if we are identical even though we are different genders which would make it impossible! 

2. I'm a vegetarian, I have been for five years and I make a conscious effort to not eat anything with animal products in including sweets. Yes! That means I haven't touched a piece of haribo or eaten a marshmallow in FIVE whole years! 

3. I never don't have acrylic nails on. I consider this to be one of my most un-beauty like traits as I know how damaging they are but I can't help but love the way they look plus I'm awful with biting my nails and my falsies prevent that. 

4. I get asked on a regular bases if I wear false eyelashes but instead I just have natural long, dark lashes (and very good mascaras!). I even got told off by a teacher in my school days for refusing to remove my 'fake' eyelashes. It took a lot of effort to convince her that they were actually real!

5. English was my favourite subject at school and I carried on loving it all the way through College. I'm even opting to do a degree in English Literature in Autumn 2014. I just love reading and writing and find it to be a very good source of distraction. 

6. My favourite of the five senses is smell. I find certain smells bring back feelings of nostalgia and I actually make a lot of affectionate and personal connections with people if they are wearing a nice fragrance. 

Okay, so I know they were really weird and random but I hoped you enjoyed reading them nevertheless and learnt something new about me that you most likely didn't know already!

I'm nominating:

Tiger - Easy Tiger
Petrina - Grey Walls

 Have fun!

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

500 followers + Essie GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone! As you've probably guessed this post has been created to a honour a special celebration for my little blog as a couple of days ago I finally hit 500 followers! I would personally like to thank each and every one of you who have followed my blog, viewed my posts and left behind some really lovely comments. To do this the right way I've decided to do a mini giveaway where you can be in the chance of winning three Essie Nail Varnishes! I know it's not much but as it's my first ever giveaway I didn't want to go too overboard yet still wanted to show my upmost appreciation. Essie, for me, is a nail varnish brand that you can rely on for top quality products, unique but beautiful colours and easy application with a long-wearing finish. Now that I have used some Essie products I think I'll struggle to go back to anything else. Although being slightly more expensive then you average drugstore nail varnish when priced at £7.99, the attributes really make up for it.
Details of the Giveaway! - Please not: THIS IS OPEN TO UK RESIDENTS ONLY! - You will win three Essie Nail Varnishes in the shades Fiji, Parka Perfect and one surprise addition which will be from the latest Essie 2014 Collections. - One entry per person! - Make sure to complete all of the entries on the raffle copter link below. I WILL be checking - And get entering! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 18 April 2014

The Beauty Scenario Tag

Today I'm doing The Beauty Scenario Tag, a set of questions introduced by Lily Pebbles a British Beauty Blogger and one of my favourite YouTuber's. I was tagged by the lovely Natalie from Girl Uninterpreted who had some great answers to the following questions, so do check them out after reading this post!

1. You have to get rid of all of your foundations and only keep one high end and one drugstore. Which do you keep? 

For high end it would have to be Esteé Lauder's Double Wear, my all time favourite go-to foundation. I'd strangely be fine with only ever having to use that one. Drugstore foundation on the other hand is tricky. I hate to say it but I am a snob when it comes to foundation and so never really particularly get along with any on the high street but if I have to choose it'll be the L'Oreal True Match foundation, I liked the finish and coverage the only reason I never wear it is because I own the completely wrong shade for my skin! 

2. You go for an interview and the lady interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth. Do you approach the subject or ignore it completely?

Definitely ignore it. It would be too awkward to mention it to her and I'd worry about it for ever more after the interview and would probably be convinced that I am never, ever getting that job. 

3. You're not feeling yourself and need a pick me up lipstick. Which one do you go for?

It would probably have to be Mac's Hue, just because it's my favourite nude and I always love the look it creates when I am wearing it. Plus, if I'm feeling a bit down I wouldn't want to go for a bold as I'd be conscious on how much attention it was drawing towards myself. 

4. You go back in time for a day to your teenage years. How would you do your hair and make up differently?

I am ashamed to say I adopted the 'emo' look in my teens. Yes that's right, black hair with a thick sweepy fringe that covered one of my eyes and thick under eye black liner that meant I was permanently rocking the Panda look. I'd definitely move the fringe of my face, go easy on the liner, balance it out with a mascara and maybe add a bit of blush to give my pale complexion some colour. 

5. You ask your hairdresser for a shoulder length Pixie Lott hair cut but they hear wrong and give you a pixie hair cut. Do you a) smile, say thank you, leave and call you more crying hysterically or b) cry in the chair and things get awkward or c) complain to the manager demanding a refund? 

I feel the need to mention that my hairdresser is in actual fact my Mum but for the sake of this Tag I'll pretend I've actually been to a salon. I would cry and cry for days on end. Try and work with it and then cry so more. Then downright complain to the manager and demand for a refund because there is no way I'd be paying for something that drastically wrong. 

6. Your friend surprises you with a four day city break and you have one hour to pack. Which 'do it all' palette do you pack in your make up bag?

Easily my Naked 2 from Urban Decay. Just because it has such a good shade range as well as a balanced amount of matte to iridescent finishes. I also love the fact that it contains the right shades for a natural, pretty day time look or an 'out there' evening look. 

7. Your house has been robbed, don't worry everyone is safe but your beauty stash has been raided. What's the beauty product you really hope is safe?

I'll have to say my Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme just because it was so expensive and I don't live near any Chanel counters meaning it'll be hard to get my hands on it again. 

8. You friend borrows and returns it in awful condition. Do you a) just pretend you hadn't noticed b) ask them to repurchase it or c) do the same to something of theirs?

I'd pretend I haven't noticed but would make a mental note never to lend them any of my products ever again! I would feel way to awkward asking them to repurchase it.

That was such a fun tag to do and really got my brain ticking. Considering it's a set of question based mainly on makeup, you do find out a lot about your personality too!

I tag Amy, Victoria and Zoe.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Cosmetic Storage With Roo Beauty!

For me, Organisation is key and without it my mind, as well as my possessions, just feels cluttered. Nothing quite gets my blood pumping and my heart racing then having a big throw out, clinging to the stuff I know I'll actually use and finding a place for everything (slightly sad, I know). If you're finding yourself thinking yes, yes, YES! to everything I have just said then I would like to introduce you to a lovely company. Beauty bloggers meet Roo Beauty. 

Roo Beauty is a company thats specialises in storage solutions for all kinds of beauty lovers. Yes, not just for make up but nails and hair too! Roo Beauty themselves state that 'each piece of their beauty equipment has been painstakingly designed with professionals and home makers in mind'.  Take it from someone who has spent hours on their website, lusting over their detailed brush cases, nail varnish holders and beauty art cases they know what beauty addicts, like ourselves, are looking for. I thought I would take the time to show you some of my favourite items that I found on their website that may interest a lot of you. 

It may be big in size but this case ensures that you can pretty much carry all your cosmetics, nail varnishes included around with you, everywhere you go, both easily and very conveniently. With two pull out drawers that make it good for storing nail art supplies or even blushers, highlighters or single eyeshadows, the organisation ideas are endless. Plus, the nail varnish holder insert on another pull out draw, means that even your most delicate and expensive nail colours can be stored away neatly, ready to use at easy access whenever you so wish. Then lastly, the bottom area contains eight big sections that act perfectly when organising larger products such as nail varnish removers, foundations, skin care products etc. Therefore, the overall look appears neat, precise and easy to use when it comes to accessing each product. All of this is wrapped up in a beautifully detailed, strong case perfect for travel or stay-at-home use.

How gorgeous is this? A lovely protective case that keeps up to eight brushes secure inside, good for personal or professional use. This ensures that your brushes will be kept neat, secure and ready to use. These cases come in a range of different animal patterns and designs, that stand as eye-catching and stylish, as well as being completely unique to anything else I have ever seen. I, personally, love this Giraffe print and think not only will it stand out but will also do the job right, meaning all my lovely make up brushes will be stored safely away from any harm.  
This is my all time favourite item as it's so lovely and compacted but has so many different places for storage. It's clever and cute as well as very inventive. This little black bag has been invented with two storage items in mind being a black bag with a removable black box inside. This case includes four drawers, two of which have flip lids, that are great for storing boxed blushers or powders, lipsticks or lipgloss, the possibilities really are endless. As well as this there is also again, a main compartment, sectioned off for ultimate organisation! Plus even more storage (yes, it is possible!) which come in the form of three black pouches (pictured below) on the exterior of the case, perfect for brushes, mascaras, liners. Pretty much anything and everything will be suitable for this case! Roo Beauty themselves say that this little black case 'has been designed with both style and practicality in mind'. This perfect beauty companion is then completed with two trusty handles making it easy to use for travel or store away for everyday use in the home. Perfect! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and have seen something you liked! Please do check out Roo Beauty's website as there are loads of different options for ultimate organisation and I can guarantee there will be something for you!

Let me know what you think in the comments.
What's your favourite item in the post? 

*These pictures are not mine and belong to Roo Beauty. Roo Beauty know I am writing this post but all opinions are my own and are completely honest. 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Beauty| Benefit Highbrow

Benefit's High Brow (£15.50) has been around for a good while now but has seemingly gone unnoticed being a simple, slightly unnecessary product when comparing to their liquid tints or flash BB creams. I've never find a brow bone highlighter a necessity as one can easily create such a product with likes of a light, nude-y eyeshadow, be it matte or iridescent. Yet, after a while I found myself in need of a staple, brow product that was natural enough to wear on a day-today basis or complete a smokey eye. 

After reading many mixed reviews on such a product I was hesitant to try it on first application. Luckily my expectations were exceeded and the product worked beautifully, lifting the natural shape of my brows and making my overall eye area appear younger, awake and rejuvenated. The subtle, Linen Pink hue means that when blended correctly, the colour is perfect for all shades of skin, a bonus in my eyes.

The key to getting the best out of this product is blending. This chubby pencil is ultra-pigmented and looks very unsubtle when first applied. This issue can be easily fixed with a detailed eyeshadow brush that can blend out the colour in every which way. Luckily the consistency of the product is extra creamy making it a dream to blend. Once applied seamlessly, the overall product appears faultless and fulfil's its 'high' brow claim. The only negative to this product arises when not blended properly. The product can then appear cheap and chalky and lasts clumsily on the eyebrows meaning all the attention is taken away from those beautifully, groomed brows. Luckily, this is a negative by application though, not the actual product so don't let this put you off buying said item and seeing for yourself if it will become a new staple in your cosmetics collection. Especially with the new release of Benefit's Speed Brow, you may find these two products becoming your very own brow 'dream team'. 

All in all, a lovely product that has definitely been a wonderful addition to my everyday make up routine.
Let me know what you think in the comments.
What's your favourite brow product?

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Beauty| Topshop Cream Blush 'Morning Dew' Review (Picture Heavy)







This review is long overdue and focuses mainly on a Topshop Cream Blush (£7.00) in the shade Morning Dew. Topshop Make Up never fails to impress me and I am still yet to find a person who doesn't find their products amazing quality for such an alarmingly, affordable price. Admittedly, I picked this product up on a whim and was sucked in to the sale when I saw it was paired with a bold lippy and a neon green cosmetics case. I needed neither case nor bright, vibrant, if ever-so-slightly unwearable lipstick but I was in the midst of a shopping addiction and this was no exception. I was hesitant to use this blush at first when I discovered it was cream. Cream blushers have never really been my forte as I find them difficult to apply, hard to blend and just end up looking slightly clown-ish. This resulted in the petite, polka-dot, packaged product being stored right at the back of the draw, behind all my powdered blushers. 

Eventually, I plucked up the courage and after scouring website after website, blog after blog, I discovered there was one neighbouring item that will come as the answer to my prayers. The Real Techniques Stippling Brush. (Don't worry, this hasn't turned into a review on a brush but do watch this space because I will be posting a full review on all my cosmetic brushes very soon!) The Stippling Brush applies and blends cream products like no other and once using this with the blusher I fell in love. For good. This has now quickly become one of my most used blushers all the way through March and still consistently in April. I don't know if it's the amazing pigmentation that does it for me or the beautiful coral, pink hue or the really fine specks of gold that look non existent in the pan but create a subtle sun-kissed glow once applied. Not to mention the long lasting power that ensures that even after a good six to eight hours, I will still have a pretty flush of colour on my cheeks. Don't worry, I know the shade looks scary in the pan but with its cream to powder formula, the blush appears subtle but pretty after application. After this product has impressed me so much, I can pretty much promise now that once my spending ban is over, I will be purchasing one in every shade, just to complete the collection. 

All in all, an amazing product that has completely changed my opinions on Cream Blushers for good.
Let me know what you think in the comments!
What's your favourite Blush? 

Friday, 4 April 2014

Tips and Tricks For Some All Important Beauty Sleep

As much as us Beauty Bloggers like to believe that Make Up and a good Skincare regime is the key to a beautiful appearance and complexion, there is one really important contributor that can help anyone look and feel fresh faced, glowing and most importantly alive and this is a decent nights sleep. I was recently contacted by a lovely lady from HSN who alerted me to one of their publications '4 Overnight Beauty Products You Should Be Using' written by their very own Carly Woods, which states four different points involving four different products that can help you achieve a relaxing, rejuvenating night sleeps enabling you to feel as fresh as a daisy the following day. I encourage you all to go and check out this post (to be redirected to the correct page click on the link above) as there really is some great advice along with amazing products that can help anyone wake up ready to face the day. As their post states:

'When it comes to beauty sleep, I think we generally fall into two categories; those who have managed 8 hours of sleep a night and those who haven’t. For the ones who haven’t, they consequently have to do a darn good job faking it.' 

I most definitely fall into the latter category and really do struggle sleeping most nights meaning I often miss out on my healthy eight hours. Therefore I have developed a few tips and tricks of my own to go hand in hand with those of Carly's, so you can start achieving that all important Beauty Sleep.
1. An Eye Mask
Cheap and simple, this item helps to eliminate all sources of light that can act as distraction when trying to get some shut eye and isolates the eyes and mind meaning you can start conjuring up some sweet dreams. As much as this could be argued, isn't a beauty product, if it wasn't for this little beauty, I'd be accessorising my Mascara with dark, under eye circles for days. 

2. Scented Candles
Any avid readers of blog would know that I am no stranger to the sweet, sensual smell of a candle. I'm currently loving fragrances that Our Own Candle Company has to offer (review here) and there's nothing more that helps me relax and wind down after a long day then the soft, warm smell of a burning candle. Once blown out the smell still lingers meaning my senses are succumbed to the scent and my mind can relax as my subconscious is gently swept away by the likes of Blueberry Pie. 

3. The All Important Moisturiser
The main reason I purchased the Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Créme (review here) was because of the cool, refreshing feeling it produced on my skin once applied. This is a great addition to my skincare regime especially when we are coming into these Summery months as it manages to cool down the skin, especially  in a warm bedroom, ensuring complete relaxation, a quality we most definitely need for sleeping.  Being that it is also a moisturiser ensures that your skin is also being hydrated whilst you sleep, meaning lovely refreshed, younger-looking skin is there to greet you in the morning. When I lay in bed after an application, it honestly feels like my face is post-facial and I begin to enter a coma of complete and utter bliss. 
4. A Good Book
I honestly feel there is nothing more relaxing then lying in bed, after a long day, with a good book. This is the ultimate way to wind down ready for a good nights sleep. Turn off the laptop, put the phone on silent and unplug the telly, a good book is exactly what you need for a subtle piece of entertainment before ones sleep. Occupy your mind right from when the book is opened to long after it's closed meaning you can drift away into a tantalising dream world where no one can find you until the following morning. 

I hope my additional tips helped. Please let me know in the comments if you checked out '4 Overnight Beauty Products You Should Be Using' and if you liked what you saw check out their  newly revamped Skincare Page where you can find out even more information on said products, make a purchase or an even bigger list of more tips and tricks at your fingertips. 

Thank you for reading!
What tips do you have for a good nights sleep?

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mac's 'Hue' Lipstick

For a little over a month now I have been on the hunt for the perfect nude colour that I could dress my lips in on a day-to-day basis, be it for work, leisure or maybe a perfect companion for a smokey-eye. After playing around with some drugstore dupes and trying to detect what formula I was after, as at this point I was still unsure if I was looking for a gloss, balm or stick, I eventually decided a lipstick would give me the boldest colour with the most easily-wearbale, natural finish and a long-lasting formula and where else is better to go for a lipstick with all these qualities then Mac? As soon as I started to indulge into the never ending selection of lipsticks Mac has to offer, already my mind was going tick, tick, tick when checking all the boxes on my mental 'what I'm looking for' list. I narrowed my choices down to a short list where Mac's Creme Cup and Shy Girl made an appearance but in the end I decided on none other then Mac's Hue

Hue is a pale, nudey pink with a creamy formula and features in the Mac Glaze Collection. As it does fit into the Glaze category this means you can be ensured that the lipsticks has an extra shiny finish and although the product can apply fairly sheer, the pigmentation is still incredible which one would expect seeing as it is a Mac product. Once applied, the colour last around four hours on the lips, an impeccable amount of time for such a light, pale colour. The formula is extra moisturising and the creamy consistency lasts well once on with minimal transfer. One of my favourite things about this product truly is the shade (sounds obvious I know) yet it's more about the subtle pink undertones that make it perfect for every skin colour. I was worried about purchasing such a nude shade as being someone with very pale skin I was cautious that the colours final result would end up washing me out but instead it emphasises any bronzed tones in the skin and really finishes my everyday look. Now I've had it in my collection, I definitely could never let it go. 

   All in all, this is definitely my new favourite nude lipstick and I really encourage 
you all to give it a go.
What's your favourite Mac lipstick?