Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Fragrance| Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

Hello again!

I'm back again with another fragrance review about the new addition to my collection the Miss Dior Eau de Parfum. I believe every girl needs perfume to finish off a look and with some many different ones out there it's easy enough to find one thats perfect for you. This Dior perfume is classic and sexy and all the different qualities of it certainly do add up to make it luxurious. 

The bottle is beautiful and probably one of my favourites. I love the fact the main body is clear as I feel the colour of the perfume alone has a vintagey air about it. The silver bow around the lid is a really nice touch and adds to the femininity of the perfume making it something that any girl would fill special wearing. Being a designer brand I didn't expect anything less then beautiful packaging that makes it stand out in the fragrance cabinets in Boots.

The smell is quite heavy yet fruity with notes of orange and strawberry. This along with the more milder notes of Jasmine, Rose and Amber to name a few, makes it a perfect fragrance for both the summer and wintery months. I feel the overall smell is charming and intense. The smell definitely lingers through out the day, developing hour by hour. One or two spritz in the morning and you are good to go. 
Pricing up at £46.50 for the 30ml does make it one of the more expensive perfumes out there but as it is so strong and intense, you don't need much at a time meaning it does last longer than others I have tried. 

This is definitely one of my new favourites in my collection and I can see myself splashing the cash on a bigger bottle once this one has ran out.

What's your favourite fragrance? Comment below!

Leanne x

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  1. This perfume smells amazing!!