Thursday, 16 January 2014

Make Up| MAC Lipstick Dark Side

Hi everyone!

Today I'm reviewing one of my all time favourite lipsticks which I have been reaching for a lot over the Autumn/Winter months. This is one of Mac's Lipsticks in the colour Dark Side (£15) which is a very deep and dark plum- red. This colour is perfect to vamp up any look wether it be daytime or evening. The colour is very build-able so you can either dab it on and wear it as a stain or layer it up to make it amplified and exceptional. I am very faired skin and usually I find red lipsticks don't suit me as much but I think it's something about the dark tones of this lipstick which make it work for me. I also love the name 'Dark Side' it creates connotations, to me, of fairy tales which is understandable because I can definitely see the Queen of Hearts rocking this, don't you think? 


As you can see when swatching this, the colour is VERY pigmented. This is only one or two layers of the lipstick and already it shows as a deep blood red. I don't find the formula particularly moisturising in fact even though it lasts a long time it does feel like it slightly dries out my lips through out the day but nevertheless I love it and it doesn't put me off wearing it. 

Whats your favourite Mac Lipstick? Let me know in the comments!


  1. My favorite Mac lipstick is definitely Mac Red. I love it and wear it all the time. :)
    They really are great lipsticks. This one looks gorgeous. I'm really wanting it. Hopefully I'll pick it up soon.


  2. Heey gorgeous, amazing blog :)
    Loves it <3

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  3. I will have to give this whirl! It seems amazing!
    Make sure to check my blog out!

  4. looks like the perfect dark red! My favourite mac shade has to be ruby woo! x

  5. Wow MAC Darkside is intense, what a lovely colour for winter.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  6. Wow I love this! Great Post.
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  7. I love dark lipsticks... This one is just fab! I think my current favourite MAC lipstick is "Rebel", a gorgeous purple!
    Love your blog ;) xx