Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Marc Jacobs 'The Lolita' Palette

There is really nothing I love more than a good neutrals palette with a nice selection of colours in conjunction with multiple finishes. I picked up this palette whilst holidaying in Canada as I was way too excited to see the Marc Jacobs products in person as they have only recently became available in England. First of all, I absolutely love the simplistic, sleek packaging, with a shiny black finish meaning there is no haunting finger prints in sight, (I'm looking at you Nars). I also am a huge fan of the name, 'The Lolita' due to it's association with classic literature. I love how it incorporates some staple matte shades such as the pale white, warm brown and a deeper, cooler brown hue, perfect for any smokey eye. I only wish the deepest shade mimicked the warm undertones present in the neighbouring shadows as I find it looks slightly out of place when blended into the crease. Nevertheless, it acts as an excellent liner if blended into the lash line to create the impression of fuller looking lashes. The pigmentation is impeccable (as you can see in the swatches above) with zero fall out. The variety of colours and finishes remind me a lot of the Charlotte Tilbury quads, especially with the packed, glitter pigment that adds an extra sparkle to the eye. They blend beautifully as the quality of the shadows are practicality the definition of 'buttery'.  I find this palette is a must-have if on the hunt for a gift for a special occasion; perfect for the quickly descending graduations and proms. It may be pricey, (£45) but I like to think that I am paying the price for good quality and I cannot wait to try more products from Marc Jacobs and will be sure to keep you posted.

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What is your current favourite neutrals palette?