Monday, 14 September 2015

The Perfect Contour Shade for Pale Skin

When it comes to contouring, the ideal contour shade really matters. There is no point trying to chisel out perfect cheek bones with a terracotta-orange powder that adds colour as opposed to shadows. I have scoured the likes of the internet and what feels like every beauty counter with the intention of finding the perfect contour shade for pale skin. Finally, I found one that works perfectly for my fair skin and has little attention in the blogging world. The MAC Baby Don't Go Pro Longwear Blush (£20.50) is a cool toned brown that is subtle on the skin but applies seamlessly, ensuring perfect and easy application. This cool beige shade can be applied to the hollows of the cheeks and subtly under the jawline to emphasise the contours of ones face adding depth, definition and desirable cheekbones. The formula of this powder blush is very sheer so will only create an effect on paler skin tones as I feel it will be appear much more ashy and grey on anyone deeper. The sheerness of the powder also prevents the likelihood of going overboard as the powder can be gradually built up to the desired colour, adding to the simplistic application of the product. If you would like to see photos of this blush in action, check out a recent MOTD of mine here.

Let me know what you think in the comments.
What is your favourite product for contouring? 

Monday, 7 September 2015

'Miss Kensington' by Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson Collection

Okay, this has easily been one of my all time favourite collections from 2015. As soon as I saw the first initial promotions for this I knew I had to have it. Charlotte Tilbury is probably one of my all time favourite high end brands ever. Seriously, her cosmetics are all completely faultless when it comes to quality, shades and of course, that rose gold packaging! Yet, when you collaborate rose gold  metal with timeless, vintage photographs from Mr Parkinson himself, you have yourself something heavenly. Long story short, I basically bit the bullet and purchased the whole Miss Kensington collection because I seriously could not resist and felt it to be a pretty good deal at the time. I am not lying when I say I was slightly emotional when opening up that perfectly, packaged burgundy box decorated with a matching ribbon. The beauty inside seriously surpassed all expectations which I know sounds so ridiculous but seriously, I live for things like this. So for anyone that is interested in trying any of the products contained within this collection, keep on reading... 

First, is probably my most favourite product out of them all, the Dreamy Glow Highlighter Youth Illuminating Powder (£45). This is a beautiful, finely milled powder that adds a 'lit from within' glow to the skin with a subtle peachy, pearlescent sheen creating a radiant complexion. I love the safari vibes connoted by the outside of the packaging, which almost emphasises the warm, soft focus effect created by this miracle powder. I can seriously see myself getting a lot of use out of this all year round. Next is the Colour of Youth Healthy Happy Lip & Cheek Glow (£40), a beautiful pinched pink with a youthful sheen that adds a wash of a fresh, rose-hued glow to the cheeks. I apply this with a petit stippling blush to the apples of my cheeks and blend it out along my cheek bones to lift my face and emphasis the look of adolescents. The formula, though creamy, lasts all days and almost emphasises the natural flush of ones cheeks. The Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadows (£22) in Jean and Marie-Antoinette are beautiful additions to the collection and offer great base colours for any shadow looks. I love the soft gold hue of Jean and find the rose-gold shade of Marie-Antoinette, the perfect accomplice to many of my go-to eye looks. The formulas of these are ultra creamy and glide onto the eyes to give a subtle glow. The collection also comes armed with a beautiful chocolate brown liner in Barbarella Brown (£19) and the talked-about Full Fat Lash Mascara (£22), both of which pack a punch when it comes to colour and formula. Finally, the last product in the collection is the gorgeous Matte Revolution Lipstick in Miss Kensington (£23). This is a perfect pinky nude with an incredibly matte finish that lasts a long time but remaining comfortable as opposed to other matte lippys. I find this shade really emphasises the fullness of the lips and is a perfect everyday pink that justifies the steep price tag.

I hope you enjoyed a rundown of the gloriously, glamorous collection from Charlotte Tilbury. All of the products mentioned are available to purchase separately, so it isn't necessary to purchase the whole collection! Let me know what you think in the comments.
What product has caught your eye?