Friday, 27 February 2015

KIKO Eyeshadows

Shades: Top Row 202, 218. Second Row 213, 211. Bottom Row 257, 220.

KIKO is a fairly new brand on the horizon but like a lot of high street brands, the quality is incredibly and the price is even better! I have been eager to try a lot of KIKO's products for a while now and it wasn't till I took a trip to London, that I eventually got to have a mini splurge. The products that easily impressed me the most were their eyeshadows. I opted for fairly neutral shades but don't be afraid to be a little adventurous especially as they're only priced from £2.80-£5.90 which is insane! The pigmentation and range of colours would give MAC a run for their money! And like MAC, you can build your own palette by selecting each individual shade and popping them in the plastic pan. The thing that impressed me the most about these eyeshadows was the buttery texture that made them an absolute dream to blend. All the shades I have tried are easily buildable and last well on the lids. There is only two down sides to this product. I find the 9 Pan Palette slightly too big for my liking and found the size and bulkiness slightly excessive and unnecessary. The second down side is the lack of shade names which instead have been replaced by numbers. I love it when brands adopt quirky and cute names for their products and I find it adds to the memorability factor. Yet, these negative points are arguably fairly superficial and don't damper the quality of the overall products. 

Let me know what you think!
What are your favourite eyeshadows from the high street? 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Everyday Makeup Look

A quick run down of my current favourite, go-to make up look. I personally prefer to opt for dewey skin, a subtle smokey eye and of course winged liner! I used the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge for my liquid face products and Zoeva brushes for my eyes which I highly recommend! I am aware that my everyday make up may be a little full on for some of you but I genuinely enjoy playing around with different products and looks which I may as well wear somewhere! 

Hourglass Veil  Mineral Primer
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc
Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla
(For a full post of all my base products click here)
Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 02
Topshop Bronzing Illuminator in Illuminated 
MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty 
Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown (review here)
The Balm Cosmetics Mary Lou-manizer over the lid.
The Balm Nude-tude Palette: Sultry through the crease
and Sophisticated blended through the outer third. 
MAC Nylon in inner corner. 
The Balm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner (review here)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye-Pencil in Perversion 
Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara 

Dior Addict Lips Maximiser Gloss 

Let me know what you think!
What products do you wear everyday?

Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Perfect Palette Tag

First: Urban Decay Naked 2 & 3. Second: Too Faced Chocolate Bar & Natural Eyes. Third: MAC Pro Palette & Warm Neutrals. Fourth: Urban Decay Naked Basic & Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita. 

I've been tagged by a number of people to do the The Perfect Palette Tag and I apologise that the reply has been slightly delayed and I am probably the last person to jump on this beauty bandwagon. Even so, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to discuss my favourite palettes with you as they are easily my most favourite purchases and the one I get the most satisfaction from - as sad as that sounds! 

Perfect Palette Tag Questions:
1. Best Packaging 
Even though there are so many palettes out there, that are dressed in gorgeous packaging with rose gold accents (*ahem* Charlotte Tilbury), I actually decided to choose MAC for this answer. I like the ultras slim feel of their palettes and the clear tops, that allow for you to see every colour you own without having to open the actual palette. They are perfect for display purposes and are ultra-versatile due to their removable pans thus allowing you to mix and match your shades and build your perfect palette. 

2. Best Colour Payoff
This has taken me a lot of thought to decide as I usually dabble in the likes of MAC and Urban Decay and both, as you most probably know, have great pigmentation. Yet, I decided to choose the palettes from Charlotte Tilbury mainly due to the loose pigment shade that features in each of her quads. Although, they're glitter pigments the colour pay-off is insane and seriously completes any smokey-eye. Admittedly, I actually purchased both my Tilbury palettes because of this little pan of glitter. There is all review of this palette on my blog which you can check out here

3. Most Versatile
Urban Decay are probably one of the most talked about brands when it comes to their eyeshadows. I can guarantee that the majority of the beauty fanatics out there own at least one of their Naked palettes. For most versatile I opted for the Naked 2 as the range of shades allow for a beautiful but simple daytime look yet but also caters for an amped-up evening look due to it's deeper hues, ranging from matte to iridescent formulas. I seriously love this palette.

4. Best for Travelling
Again, from Urban Decay comes the Naked Basics 2. A teeny-tiny all matte palette, that although has only a few shades, can easily cater for pretty much all neutral looks. The cool-toned shadows are incredibly buttery, blend beautifully and last perfectly. If you're just getting in to makeup and want something that's easy to use and easy to wear, I highly recommend this one, or its just as beautiful twin - the original Naked Basics palette. 

5. Biggest Regret
I really struggled with this question as I don't really regret any of my purchases. I obviously have palettes that I don't reach for as much but I don't necessarily regret them. I'm sure there are palettes or shades that I'm not thinking of but for now I'm going to have say none for this question.

6. Best Colour Names
The answer to this question was easily going to be a product from Too Faced as although some of their names can be a little risqué, I love the creativeness behind them. If you own any of the Too Faced palettes, you will know what I mean. The Chocolate Bar palette in particular, I felt really in-cooperated the theme into all the shade names eg. Black Forest Truffle, Milk Chocolate, Amaretto, Salted Caramel etc. Plus the fact that it actually smells of chocolate due to cocoa powder being one of the ingredients, is a serious added bonus! 

7. Least Used
As much as I love my MAC Warm Neutrals palette, I really do not get enough use out of it! I think the range of shades and formulas, is just slightly overwhelming and I never know what shades to pair with what. Nevertheless, I am making a subconscious effort to reach for this palette more as it really is beautiful. 

8. Most Used
This question was easy and the appearance of this palette proves that. My MAC Pro Palette contains shades I picked myself and I have used at least one of these colours almost everyday since purchasing them. The shades featured are probably my all time favourite eyeshadows ever and the ones I find myself reaching for when I want something simple and easy but still pretty. The shades are Naked Lunch, Nylon, Charcoal Brown and Mythology. Review of some of the shades are on my blog here

9. Most Loved
Other than the MAC palette I previously mentioned, my other most loved palette has to be the Urban Decay Naked 3 (yes I know, another one from UD). This palette was an unexpected love of mine as admittedly I got this purely because of the hype surrounding it when it was first released. Yet, since then I have found this palette to be amazing when it comes to creating pretty, pink-gold makeup looks that always seem to be the ones I get the most compliments on! 

10. Desert Island
I always find these questions kind of strange as realistically if I was stuck on a Desert Island, makeup would be the last thing I need but I'm probably being really boring! Yet, if for some reason I felt compelled to take one, I would definitely take the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette as I feel the range of shades can be used to create unlimited makeup looks that are more-than-easy to apply. I also love the petite, tin packaging thats surprisingly quite slim. The only thing this palette lacks is a decent mirror!

I tag anyone who wants to answer these questions and let me know below so I can check out your answers!
Let me know what you think.
What are some of your favourite palettes?

Friday, 20 February 2015

Charlotte Tilbury| The Dolce Vita

Charlotte Tilbury always seems to be winning on the 'epitome of luxury' front. What other brand offers incredible quality products cased in a beautiful, deep burgundy and rose gold packaging? Every product I have tried from the brand has surpassed my expectations and I always find myself wanting more. I had been undecided on the Dolce Vita (£38) palette for some time. The colours, although beautiful, in the pan seemed slightly, almost daring. The warm-toned browns and terracotta red were colours I always felt I could never and would never pull off and instead I opted for The Golden Goddess palette - trust me to go for the safer option. Yet, evidently a few months later I bit the bullet and bought this little quad as well and I seriously cannot get enough! Each of Charlotte Tilbury's palettes offer four different shades, all of which have a unique purpose. The first of which is the Prime shade. A beautiful, light pink shade with a subtle shimmer (think MAC's Naked Lunch), this looks gorgeous swept over the lid and in the inner-corners for a highlighting effect. Next up is the Enhance colour, this was the shade I felt the most unsure about but interestingly it's now my favourite! This beautiful red-toned brown, deepens the socket of the eye, adding perfect definition. Which is then made even more beautiful with the Smoke shade. This chocolate brown shade with added shimmer, helps to accentuates the crease and creates the perfect smokey eye-look. This shade really brings the whole thing together. Finally, comes the Pop shade which is a copper-gold, pressed pigment glitter that reflects light when applied to the lids thus adding a little extra something to the make-up look. With all this description in mind, I think it is pretty clear as to why this is now my current favourite palette. 

What do you think? 
What's your favourite eyeshadow quad?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Barmy about theBalm

So we're back with another cringey title so please excuse my latest excessive use of puns. TheBalm Cosmetics, for me, is a new brand in my collection and one that has a lot of 'talked about' products (*ahem* Mary-Lou Manizer) that are completely deserving of the hype. I have tried a selection of their products be it lip glosses, eyeshadows, blushers and highlighters - all of which have had great results. Yet, the Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner has easily been the most outstanding. I'm a liquid liner fanatic so I rarely go a day without lining my upper lash line to the point that I actually look 'incomplete' if I go without. So, because of this, I am always on the hunt for an easy breezy liquid liner that doesn't take my upmost concentration to apply. I recently wrote a raving review of the Benefit Push Up Liner (here) and have in the past confessed my love for the Lancôme Artliner (here) - both times claiming that these are the best eyeliners I have ever used. So clearly, I am not very faithful, but I am going to throw it out there and say now that THIS eyeliner is the best I have used! I picked this up on a whim, partly because I was overwhelmed to find a stockist for theBalm products in an actual shop and not online (easily pleased I know!) and partly because I never experiment too much with my liner likes so I felt like pushing the boat out slightly. I am now very glad that I did. TheBalm Schwing liner is blacker then black with incredibly staying power and an ultra fine nib that allows to you do a flick with no major casualties. The liquid formula allows for smudging time if this is the look you are wishing to achieve but also sets quick enough to avoid that black-on-upper-lid look that sometimes occurs with other products and is the bane of my life! With a bit of pressure the flexible nib caters for all your liner needs so if you like a thin line purely to accentuate the lashes or something a little thicker - this liner is the one for you! Priced out only £13.49, the quality is an equal match to its higher end predecessors or even slightly exceeds them in some cases. I strongly recommend you check this out and find out for yourselves! If you would like to this in action check out my Instagram (here)!

Let me know what you think.
What's your favourite fool-proof liner?

Friday, 13 February 2015

I'm All About That Base

Firstly, let me apologise for the not-so-subtle Meghan Trainor pun in the title. I seriously could not resist. A flawless base is rule number one for great make up application. Without it, the whole look just falls flat. Yet, luckily there is a huge, huge, huge range of products out there for anyone and everyone to fit particular skin tones, colours, complexions etc - but you don't need me to tell you that. I've tried out a long list of products in the hope of achieving a flawless base for the rest of my make up and although I don't feel like I'm necessarily there in my search, the products I am currently using are definitely helping me on my way. That isn't to say that I love every product I am currently using but instead they're teaching me what types of products work well for my oily-to-combination skin and what products certainly do not. So in order of application...Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (here): To be very honest with you all, I do not feel this is particularly worth the money. For a minuscule 10ml you have to be willing to fork out £20 which wouldn't be so bad if a little went a long way but instead I find I need at least two pumps per application to achieve the full effects of this product. There are no obvious differences to my skin once applied other then a slightly subtle radiant glow yet that's not to say that this will not work out for everyone. Interestingly, I bought this after receiving a large amount of recommendations. Yet, disappointedly I feel my search for the perfect primer is most definitely not over. Nars Sheer Glow (here): I don't know if I can actually summarise into words how much I love this foundation. I am currently working through my second bottle and still love it just as much as the first. The radiant glow, medium to full coverage and easily buildable formula with not an ounce of 'cakeyness' (is that a word?) in sight. If you are on the hunt for a flawless foundation, you need to try this one! Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (here): This is one of my all time favourite concealers purely for its immense coverage, creamy consistency and its good application (with a lovely doe foot applicator) for both under the eyes and for concealing pesky blemishes. Although at £22 it is pricey, it does have a lovely performance. The only downside to this product being how quickly it drys out in the bottle. I feel some of my high street alternatives actually have a better competition when it comes to the products formula yet the good qualities weigh out the bad in my eyes so this still currently remains as a staple in my collection. Lastly, to set this all in place, I use the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light (here): This is my all time favourite powder and pretty much the only one I have used everyday for the past year and a half. I'm currently working through my second one of these and have just hit pan (yay!) which I feel, pretty much proves how much I love this. It's great at mattifying shine, adding a bit of extra coverage but certainly doesn't leave the face looking 'flat'. I can not recommend this powder highly enough!  

Let me know what you think in the comments!
What products do you use for a flawless base?

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tom Ford Matte Lip Colour in Pussycat

My lipstick collection has only really started to expand within the past year or so. Prior to this, I was much more drawn to glossier-than-gloss lip glosses (how many times can I say gloss in one sentence). So I am quite aware that this matte lip product is on the complete opposite end of the scale. Tom Ford lipsticks, for me, signify the epitome of luxury. The gold plated edges, weighted feel, square form and of course the satisfying, *click* from the magnet that locks the product shut. I really cannot fault the packaging in the slightest. The formula of this is mega creamy, applies heavenly and gives an incredible coverage - so take note - this is not sheer! I'm always slightly apprehensive when wearing lipsticks with a matte finish as although the longevity of the product will always be arguably decent, I cannot stand formulas that feel drying. You know the ones, those lipsticks that mean you have to spend the next five days applying copious amounts of Carmex to make up for that 'perfect' pout. Yet, surprisingly, the formula on the Tom Ford lipsticks are not drying at all but instead have a particular velvet feel that means you can look good wearing your mattes and feel good too! The particular shade  I chose is 04 Pussycat, this being mainly because I felt if I was going to splash a ridiculous amount of cash onto one product (£37 - eek!), I want to at least get a colour that is fairly unique. I know what you're probably thinking and yes, it's just pink. Yet, the muted, pink shade with hints of plum and a cool undertone looks absolutely beautiful once applied on the lips and creates a colour that I find to be pretty much unique in my collection. Therefore, other then the high price tag (that I'm still cringing over) I find this lipstick almost faultless. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!
What is your most luxurious lip product?