Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Make Up| Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara

Hi everyone!
Today I'm reviewing one of my all time favourite Mascara's which is the Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme in Extreme Black. I have naturally long eyelashes but still look for something that will multiply as well as magnify. I mainly look for Mascara's that can give me a good amount of volume and this item definitely promises that! The actual product contains a blend of three different fibres in a mousse-like base that helps to create the excessive amount of volume in which I crave. 

I love the look of the packaging especially. Like most of Estée Lauder's products, it looks luxurious and classy with the gold finish and the logo printed elegantly in italics along the side. I love the size as well as at first glance my mind instantly thinks big, bold packaging gives a look to match this. 

The brush is pretty big which I can appreciate isn't for everybody as it most definitely isn't ideal when trying to coat the hard to reach lashes (enter the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara review here) but the two types of bristles carry a good amount of product. The fibres are also fairly solid meaning they work well when separating each lash to give that false lash effect. This product can often clump especially in the first few applications but I found this was no longer an issue after a short while. 

I would definitely say this Mascara promises you a good amount of volume and long, curvy eyelashes. What more could you possibly want? Priced at £22 this would have to be the biggest downside. I don't necessarily think this particular high end Mascara is miles in front of a decent drugstore product when it comes to quality. Especially when a drugstore mascara would probably be half the price but it's still nice to splash the cash and treat yourself to a bit of luxury once in a while, isn't it? 

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