Sunday 17 June 2018

Two Warm-Toned Looks from One Palette

I am an absolute fiend for warm-toned shadows as I have mentioned in many previous posts but I often find myself opting for the same variation of shadows when using even my most favourite palettes. The Morphe 3502 has quickly become one of my most used palettes this year so far and I am confident that I would wear every single one of the shadows that the palette contains. This has meant that I have actually fully explored the whole palette for once and not just the same few colours. Hence why today I am doing a post focusing on two looks created from just this one palette. 

Look One
This look is incredibly typical me as it incorporates a warm copper-gold foiled shadow called Rustic in the inner third of the eye, Blaze, which is a warm toned orange, blended through the complete socket of my eye and Rich, a chocolate brown in the outer crease. Paired with mascara and a black gel liner in my waterline, this look is perfect for me both day to night and is definitely one that I feel most comfortable in. 
Look Two
This look is something a little bit different purely for me as I rarely (and I mean rarely) opt for an all matte eye. Hence why I had to sneak a little pit of shimmer in the inner corner for an extra pop. For this, I payed extra attention to blowing out the outer third of my eye using the lighter orange-brown named Spice through the crease and blended towards my brow bone. I used the deepest brown in the palette, Muddy, to add extra dimension to my outer crease and created the gradience by applying the matte cream named Universal onto my inner thirds. I finished this look with lashings of mascara and eyeliner plus a touch of Zippy in my inner corner and ensured that I added a little extra glow to my face so it didn't appear extra flat.
If you would like a full review of this palette including swatches, leave me a comment below!
Do you prefer warm-tones or something a little cooler?

Monday 11 June 2018

MOTD | Makeup of the Day

Just a quick post today to ease my self back into this blogging malarkey and there's nothing easier than a makeup of the day with a rundown of the products I used. I'm really not doing anything special today so I purely did my makeup both to kill time but also for a little pick-me-up, hence the lack of lip product. Any else only ever wear lip product when you are actually intended on leaving the house? 

Foundation: Clinique Beyond Perfecting in Ivory
Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01
Powder: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light and a Look Fantastic Banana Powder
Bronzer: Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer 
Blusher: MAC Pro Longwear Blush in Desert Rose
Highlighter: Anastasia x Amrezy Highlight and Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold

Brows: NYX Tame & Frame Pomade in Espresso
Eyeshadow: NYX Lid Lingerie Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow in Gold Standard 
Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette (Henna as a transition colour, 24k on inner third, Maneater through the crease and under the eye
Eyeliner: Dolce & Gabanna Kohl Liner in White
Mascara: Estée Lauder Sumptuous Mascara

I would love to hear what products you've been using every day!
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Thursday 13 July 2017

Summer Staples | O'Keeffe's Hardworking Skincare for Working Hands and Healthy Feet

I, like most people, look forward to the Summer months not only for the warmer weather but also for the change up of my makeup, skincare and fashion. Summer means, for me, brightly coloured nail varnish, sandals and extra pretty accessories. However, I sometimes find that even the most perfectly painted toenails can be let down by some not-so-pretty feet. As I have worked within the customer service field for the past six years, I find the long hours of standing on my poor little tootsies has really taken its toll. Before O'Keeffe's got into contact with me, I was starting to accept that I had ruined the condition of my feet forever and they will forever remain dry and damaged. However, their quality of life has been changed forever thanks to the bright blue bottle of the 'Healthy Feet' Foot Cream. Over the past few weeks, I have been applying this cream to my feet every night before bed and have been extremely satisfied with how quickly it soaks into the skin without leaving my feet feeling uncomfortable. After a few days of consecutive use, I found the dry skin on my heels was beginning to break down leaving baby soft skin underneath which I have not experienced in years - and I mean years

However, this miracle story does not stop here as I also suffer quite regularly with dry hands due to psoriasis that affects other parts of my body as well, such as my elbows. This has always been an aspect of myself that I have been fairly conscious about especially in Summer as I have no sleeves to cover it over. This explains why I was so happy to find that after applying a small amount of the 'Working Hands' Hand Cream morning and night to each of these problem areas, I found the sore dry patches began to ease up and my hands were left with little dryness over the space of a couple of weeks use which is a stark contrast to how they were before. 

I am blown away by the quality of these products and was outsounded ever further when I found that each tube only cost around £6 and can be found in the simplest of places such as your local Boots. These have definitely been little miracle tubes for me this Summer and have become staples in my morning and evening routines. I am excited to continue using this product and already know these will crucial additions to my winter evening routine as this is when I find my skin is at its dryest. 

Let me know what you think.
What products are staples for you in the Summer months?

Monday 5 June 2017

My Highlighter Collection!

After asking on social media whether anyone would actually be interested, I found myself a mere twelve hours later filming my whole highlighter collection for all my fellow glow-getters out there. It was touch and go at some points and if you make it past even just the highlighter palette section of this video, I have a huge amount of respect and gratitude for you. This video allowed me to finally fulfil my dream of bathing in a pool of highlight as after swatching a countless amount of powders, creams and liquids, I was glowing from top to bottom. Do not fear though, I have got your back, so if check out the description box of the video you will see I have given the minutes for when each section starts and ends so if you are all about the cream formula and powders don't interest you, just skip to your preferred time.

So if you want to see what highlighters I have purchased over the past few years and which are my go-to one's for a blinding glow, then check the video out! I would love it if you could like, sub and leave a comment with your channels in the comment section below.

What highlighter's would you recommend?

Wednesday 31 May 2017

My Go-To Makeup Look On My Friend!

Today I am being a bit of a narcissist and showing off my makeup skills (I use the word 'skills' loosely) that were put to the test when I did my friend and fellow YouTuber, Jemima's makeup.  Doing makeup on yourself can be challenging at the best of times and that especially applies on those days where your skin does not want to cooperate and your brows barely resemble cousins let alone sisters. However, doing makeup on someone else is the true test as it is a completely different canvas to work on especially as Jemima and I differ in skin, hair and eye colour. Nevertheless, this is also where the enjoyment comes into play as it is fun to see how products appear on different skin tones and how one person's eye colour may 'pop' more so than another's. 

We essentially decided to film each other doing our everyday makeup looks but on one another and you can watch both of our faces transform from our own to each other's, live before your eyes! Always the critic, I was expecting to hate my own creation but twinned with Jemima's good looks and the makeup Gods being on my side, I am actually quite pleased with how it turned out.

So please go over to the video (linked above) and show it some love and be sure to check out Jemima's own vid (here) and the rest of her channel as I am sure you will all love it. If you want a full product list of this look also, check out the description box on the video.

Thanks for stopping by!
What products are essential for your everyday makeup look?

Thursday 23 March 2017

Jeffree Star Skin Frost's Review and Swatches

So if you have read my blog for a while or watched any of my YouTube videos, you will know that I am highlighter OBSESSED. When I say that I sometimes purely get out of bed in the morning because I am excited about the prospect of highlighting, you may think I am being dramatic which to be fair I am but I am also being honest. I find highlight is the miracle product that steps your makeup look to the next level hence why it is typically my second to last product used (I apply it just before my blush) as I love watching my makeup transform from boring to bomb. I also find highlight is the perfect way to fake a healthy glow which is always greatly appreciated when you are not feeling your best. I am always on the hunt for a highlight that blows me away and I will continue on my expedition to the find the perfect glow that can be seen from space and only then will I be fully satisfied. On purchasing these two Jeffree Star Skin Frost's I had not heard much about them at this point and hadn't tried anything from Jeffree's brand. However, the bright, if slightly garish, pink packaging caught my eye on the pages of Beauty Bay and I decided to pick up the two shades Peach Goddess and Lavander Snow to see how they compared to some of my other powder highlights. 

I feel the most important thing that needs to be mentioned is the actual size of this product as in terms of beauty products I find size, in fact, does usually matter. You can gain an accurate representation of the size in my January Favourites but I honestly was blown away by the almost generosity as although the product is not exactly cheap, usually, most high-end brands do not give you much for your money. Secondly, the pigment of these powders is insane which of course is a must in terms of a good highlighter. I felt the way the pan looked was deceptive of this as at a glance the powder looks more grainy than finely milled and definitely a far cry away from the smooth, creamy appearance of Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfectors. However, once applied onto the skin, the powder offers a blinding glow that does not emphasise any pesky pores and left me speechless. The downside is that the powders do sometimes tend to create a bit of fall-out which is probably due to the fact that the formula is initially fairly chunky but once this has been blended out, it does look seamless on the skin with no glitter or powder particles in sight. My favourite shade out of the two is by far Peach Goddess as I feel this is perfect for my pale skin and appears more of a golden-peach rather than pink once applied meaning no awkward streaks in sight. However, I feel in the pan, Lavander Snow wins in beauty as the colour is so unique and beautiful and adds a bit of oomph to a simple makeup look on a day when you may not have much time. I cannot wait to try more of the shades from the Skin Frost range and I will be sure to keep you posted on my findings. 

These highlights retail for £25.50 which may at first seem pricey but for a 15g product that boasts an incredible glow, I feel that this is pretty reasonable. 

I would love to hear your thoughts!
Have you tried any products from Jeffree Star?

Tuesday 7 March 2017

Too Faced Sweethearts

I feel like a missed an opportunity here to review these products around Valentine's Day because nothing really says love much like receiving a heart shaped blush from your partner, right? However, Too Faced Sweetheart Blushers (£24) are for life, not just for Valentines Day hence why I am still choosing to review these now. These blushers were one of those items that I have lusted after for YEARS but I had never rushed to purchase them as I knew they would not be disappearing off the market anytime soon so there was no haste on my behalf.

The moral of this story is if a brand makes a product limited edition, as much as I will curse them for disallowing me from taking my time to make a good, rational decision, I will no doubt buy it with sweaty palms and a ravenous look in my eye due to the fear of it selling out and the possibility that I may never own that product in the pretty limited edition packaging. 

Anyway, back to the blushers that also feature gorgeous, sightly-gimmicky heart shaped packaging that replicates the pan within the cardboard box of joy. The main convention of these blushes that originally caught my attention is the subtle shimmer that adorns the gradient hues thus offering a healthy, radiant glow to the cheeks which is always welcome in my eyes. I also love the range of colours that Too Faced have featured and it took a lot of deliberation on my end to finally make the decision to pick up the shades Peach Bellini and Peach Beach. Peach Bellini offers a true peach glow that will be incredibly relevant for Spring/ Summer as orange is most definitely the new black in 2017. I love how the pan includes a deep pink to counteract the stronger orange tones which I am sure was to spare anyone from walking around with cheeks that look like they have been dusted with the remnants of a Wotsit. Ultimately, it emits a warm coral shade on the skin with a subtle golden undertone that would be perfect for those who are looking to skip a step in the morning and would rather trade in their highlighter for a highlighting blush (I mean...that would offer you at least another sixty seconds in bed). Peach Beach, on the other hand, is my personal favourite as it applies a pretty, natural pink to the skin and compliments my pale complexion perfectly. I tend to opt for muted toned blushers as I always go slightly overboard on my eyes and need a natural cheek to counteract this extremity. However, the subtly is no reflection on the pigmentation as each of these blushers requires a light hand during application so I would recommend to apply a small amount at a time and build the colour up to ensure everything is just peachy (get it). If you are looking for a new blush and are a sucker for pretty packaging like myself, check these out online (linked above) or in most Debenhams stores - I promise you will not be disappointed.

I would love to know your thoughts in the comments.
What blushers are you loving at the moment?