Sunday, 26 January 2014

Make Up| Bourjois Little Round Pot Intense Eyeshadow

Hi everyone!
Back again! Firstly, I'd just like to mention that my blog hit 100 followers yesterday which I know is a small milestone but it's still something and I would like to thank all my lovely followers for showing my little blog some interest! 

Okay now onto the good stuff! Today I am doing a quick review on the Bourjois Little Round Pot Intense Eyeshadow in the colours 01 (left) and 03 (right). 
As I've mentioned in a previous blog post I absolutely love things that shimmer and sparkle so it's probably no surprise that I picked these up when they were on offer for 3 for 2 in Boots.
If, like me, you have a job that requires you to wear neutral make up, these are perfect for achieving that 'barely there' but still pretty look. If I'm every trying to go for the 'wearing a lot of make up to make it look like I'm not wearing any make up' effect these are the shadows I reach for. Are you following? 
Okay starting on a negative, I was disappointed to find that they don't really have nice names for each colours but just numbers which I know isn't such a big deal but I always find it to be an added bonus. Yet a thing I LOVE about these is the cute but convenient packaging. They're so little and perfect for travel and haven't got one of those flimsy, annoying lids that open themselves and let loads of dirt in. Perfect! Armed with an almost too small mirror, these are good to go. They are baked eyeshadows which can be either applied dry or wet to make it more of a creamy consistency,  a quality very useful when blending. The product claims to last 16 hours which I really find hard to believe considering it's very dusty on the eyelid and therefore disappears slowly through out the day only leaving a slight impression of shimmer. 

(01) on the left is a browny-gold colour, perfect to add to a brown smokey eye in the evenings or just for a neutral look in the daytime. (03) on the right is more of a pale pink skimmer, lovely for summer or to compliment a pink lip make up look. 

The product claims to give an 'intense' finish and to have 'two times more coverage then any of the other Bourjois eyeshadows' which I would have to disagree with. As you can see in my swatches I would say this was  actually the opposite. The product does in actual fact give of a very light shimmer which still looks lovely lightly dusted over the eyelid. I wouldn't say this was necessarily a 'negative' more just misleading. 

Priced at £6.99 it's no surprise that they aren't amazing but they're definitely something that could be a cheap addition to your make up bag ready to use for when you're after a 'natural' make up day. 

Let me know what you think in the comments!
What's your favourite eyeshadow?


  1. these are such pretty colours, i love 03!

    molly xx

  2. love, love, LOVE the packaging!! However, these aren't as intensely pigmented as I would like :(

    Great review though!

  3. I wish companies would come up with names for products, they really would sell more xD
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  4. Hey i've nominated you for a Liebster award! Check out my blog for more details
    Love Lizzie

  5. Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!

    Great post, these eyeshadows look really nice! :)


  6. I love your blog

  7. Bourjous eyeshadows really annoy me -they're just not pigmented enough! I love their blushers tho. Congrats on 100 xxx
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  8. The 03 looks perfect for day time :)