Saturday, 18 January 2014

Make Up Dupe| YSL Glossy Stain VS. L'Oreal Glam Shine 6Hour Lip Gloss

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be doing a product comparison with two of my most worn and favourite lip glosses from 2013. I am a big lip gloss lover, I love to have a shine on my lips and don't like having to constantly reapply so anything that is long lasting is perfect for me. 
The first I'm talking about is the Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain Lip in the colour 16 Fuchsia. This was one of those products that I had to close my eyes and stick my card in the machine as priced at £23.50 it is a VERY expensive lip gloss/stain. So is it worth the price tag? First of all, it is very pigmented and the colour as well as gloss is extremely build-able.  This probably gives me the most shiniest, glossiest finish then any other lip product I have tried and it is very long lasting. Being a stain as well, the colour literally will not budge and it isn't sticky on your lips. I could apply this in the morning, eat a three course meal (not saying I do everyday!) and drink as many drinks as I wanted and the colour will still be there! I think the packaging is lovely and is quite a compacted size and there is an added bonus that the actual gloss smells AMAZING! 

The product I am comparing this to is the L'Oreal Glam Shine 6Hour Lip Gloss in the colour 405 Fresh Tangerine. Priced at only £8.69 this is a much cheaper alternative to the YSL Glossy Stain. This is also a very pigmented colour and very glossy, maybe not as glossy as the YSL product but not too far off! The product claims to last 6 hours which I don't know if I would necessarily agree but it is still more long lasting then the majority of other high street glosses out there. This also isn't sticky once applied and I do find the colour to be easily builded. The one downside to this product is the packaging. As the bottle is tapered it means it is almost impossible for the applicator to be able to reach all the product from around the edges meaning it does seem like some is going to waste. 

This is just one swatch of both product and as you can see there really isn't a lot of difference (excluding the colour) in the products shine and pigmentation. The main difference being that the YSL Glossy Stain (left) did stain the skin longer whereas the L'Oreal (right) Glam Shine was easily removed which backs up my claim that the YSL Glossy Stain is more long lasting in comparison. 

They both have very similar sized and shaped applicators that are fixed at an angle which means they are perfect for picking up a lot of product. The YSL Glossy Stain's (right) applicator is also patented meaning it is perfect for precise and smooth application. 

All in all, both of these products are very similar. I wouldn't go as far as saying that I'd never purchase a YSL Glossy stain again now I've found the L'Oreal Glam Shines but I do feel that splashing my cash on the more expensive product could be easily prevented if I found the perfect colour in the L'Oreal Glam Shines.

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