Monday, 27 January 2014

Fashion & Beauty| My Current Wish List

Hi everyone!
Thought I would make a post on all the things I am lusting over the moment beauty and lifestyle wise. It's getting to the point now where I'm actually losing track because I come across so many great recommendations on here and I just want it all!

So without further ado my current Wish List..
(I apologise for the poor image quality, as this is my 'wish list' I obviously don't have the actual items to take photos of so I had to resort to the internet - none of the pictures below belong to me) 

The first being the Mac Pro Palette x 15. I think these are a great idea because there's been so many times that I've bought a palette where I only use half of the colours and the rest  end up just going to waste BUT this one is filled with your own choices and so therefore perfectly suited to your wants and needs. I couldn't believe it was only £6.50 especially with it being a Mac item. Will have to get this ASAP!

And then of course there comes the eyeshadows refills to place into the Mac Pro Palette. This is Woodwinked and Omega, two of the staple colours which I think pretty much every beauty blogger in the world has either heard of or loved. Priced at £10 each, again they weren't as outrageous as I thought they were going to be. Even more reason to buy them! 

Of course the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is on here. After receiving the Naked 2 for Christmas this has become no more than an necessity to add to my collection. Urban Decay have definitely given me the best quality eyeshadows and the prettiest colours then I have ever had before. This Naked 3 is a rose-hued coloured palette and I mean look at them - it's beautiful! Priced at £37 they are expensive but I would like to say they're worth it and with my birthday coming in just under two weeks, I'm hoping someone will 'surprise' me with one (not like I'm hinting or anything).

Two products from Nars. The Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the colour Damned. Seen so many good reviews on these and I though the colour was a really nice, deep red perfect for vamping up any outfit. Priced at £17.50 it definitely is expensive for a lip pencil but I'm hoping it will be worth it. The second item being, of course, the Nars Laguna Bronzer priced at £26. One of the most raved about bronzers in the beauty world and the perfect colour for someone as fair skinned as me. I can understand that this isn't an necessity as I still have Benefit's Hoola and the Sleek Contour Kit in my collection but I want it anyway, okay? 

The Essie Nail Polish in the colour Fiji. It comes at no surprise that this is in my Wish List with Essie being one of the top brands in the nail varnish industry and me being a lover of nail varnish! I also think Fiji is a really pretty, unique colour and I would personally find pleasure wearing it all year round. Priced at £7.99 there are definitely an expensive alternative to Barry M nail polishes but with pretty much every colour under the sun, it comes at no surprise Essie is renowned for being amazing.

And last but not least a tartan scarf. I've been so in to the tartan trend this summer and have already purchased a number of things in this cute but chic pattern. I've been lusting over a tartan scarf for four months now but have never found one in the right colour of style until I stumbled upon this little beauty from no where else but Topman! Priced at £14 this was a lot cheaper then what I was expecting to pay and I'm just happy that a men's shop was there to end my journey.

So that's it so far, there's still like a million things I can add to this but I thought I would keep it short(ish) and sweet.

Let me know what you think in the comments.
What's on your wish list? 


  1. I can only recommend Naked3.I've been using it now for almost a month regularly and the colors hold up so well. I mean they stay on my eyelids from morning to evening,it's fabulous :)

  2. I have the Naked 3 and I say get it! Really unique colors, but still a neutral palette!

    I just got into MAC shadows (my palette just came in the mail today!).. I was surprised at how inexpensive the blank palette and pans were (well.. of course in the long run it's over $160!). So far, I like them (I only have three), but I think I like Makeup Geek more! I am going to fill up my palette with both MUG and MAC shadows and I think it's a really cool program!

  3. Such lovely things on your wishlist - I seem to crave perfume this month on my wishlist!

    just found your blog, some great reviews!

    Stevie-Leigh :)