Friday, 24 January 2014

Make Up| Soap & Glory Super-Colour Fabu-Lipstick

Today I'm talking about a highstreet/drugstore Lipstick that has taken me by surprise. This is the Soap & Glory Super-Colour Fabu-Lipstick. For starters, I absolutely LOVE the name! Being a huge Mary Poppin's fan I'm surprised I didn't snatch it up purely on that basis. I had never tried any of the S&G Lipstick's prior to this one but after seeing a few recommendations online, I thought it was a must.  Mine is in the colour The Missing Pink a gorgeous, subtle Pink colour perfect for my fair complexion. This is a great colour if you want to achieve a nude lip effect alongside a smokey eye. It basically tints your natural lip colour Pink but with a solid look and a satin finish. 

I love how it has the S&G logo grooved into the side of the lipstick, I feel this moves the appearance of the lipstick away from the hight street and more towards high end. The only thing that goes against this in the price. Retailing at £9 this is definitely an affordable product that impresses with it's quality. 

I like the gold detail of the inside packaging but I feel the outer layer makes it appear cheap and is probably the reason why I never properly looked at these before. I can't completely slate S&G for this though as the majority of their products take on a girly, pin-up look and this does tie in well. A plus side on the packaging front is that is convenient with a lid that clicks into place meaning it won't spoil in your make up bag, something that I look for in most of my beauty products. Another bonus is that the product has a sweet, chocolately smell to it, something I really appreciate whilst applying although it does make me hungry!

This is a colour swatch of the lipstick where I have applied a few layers so you can see once the colour is builded it creates a more intense Pink. When dabbed onto the lips the colour appears more sheer which is usually my preference. The lipstick on a whole helps to give a soft and smooth, dewey pout and is supposed to create a plumped-lip, I haven't noticed this quality so much myself but I don't usually look for that in a Lipstick.

On a whole for the very cheap price, the S&G lipsticks are definitely worth checking out. 
I achieve a just as good finish with these as I have done with some of my high end lip products.

Let me know what you think in the comments!
What's your favourite highstreet/drugstore lipstick?


  1. I love the colour its beautiful xx

  2. thanks for the review, never tried their cosmetics before, this lipstick looks good and matte

  3. Lipstick is a lovely colour! RR xx

  4. I totally agree - I LOVE the S&G lipsticks, the formula is amazing - especially as they're so affordable too! xx

    Gemma //

  5. I'm so impressed by the S&G makeup range so far and have just bought this lipstick - I'm so excited to trying it :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  6. that is such a lovely nude! and the name is so cute >.<
    iv never even paid any attention to the S&G makeup range! ill be keeping a look out for this

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

    PS: you have word verification =(

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  8. I love the color!

  9. I really love the colour :D

    xoxo Femke

  10. Really love the colour! I need to try some S&G make-up soon! :D
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  11. I love S&G skincare type products, not tried their make-up yet though. I love the name too so might add it to the list.

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