Tuesday, 2 September 2014

August Favourites 2014

It's the beginning of September, so that means it's August favourites time! This month I pretty much established an 'everyday make up routine' due to the fact that I found a palette of colours and finishes that worked well for me. So seeing as I've been using pretty much the same products on a daily basis, this meant that it was pretty simple to round up my favourite products from the month of August.

First things first, a rather overused and well-loved eyeliner pencil from Rimmel. This is the Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal pencil in the shade Nude. Nude eyeliners are simple but extremely effective when it comes to making the eyes appear more bright and wide awake. I've used this everyday this month and traded it in for my typical black eyeliner to adopt a fresher brighter complexion for the sunny months. This is ultra pigmented and honestly stays in place all day, I highly, highly recommend it! Next up is one of my all time favourite (and expensive) blushers I own. This little sleek, black package of beauty is the Le Blush Créme De Chanel in the shade 64 Inspiration. This gives a beautiful, natural flushed appearance to the cheeks with a satin finish that lasts and lasts all day, better than any other blush I've tried. The colour is build-able so wether you want a slight wash of colour or an intense pop to the cheeks, it's really up to you. Another product that I've used non-stop this month is the Dior Addict Gloss in the shade 257 Venus. This is just a really pretty pinky-nude with a shimmery, ultra-shine finish that looks beautiful with any make up look. This is my go-to lipgloss on a daily basis as it looks so natural but still very lovely. This next favourite is definitely my 'most loved' of the month and that is my MAC Pro Palette, I've been using at least one of the four shades in this palette everyday this month and I honestly can't get enough. My favourite eyeshadow combination that I've fallen in love with is the shade Naked Lunch washed over the lid with Mythology blended through the crease and then Nylon dotted onto my tear duct, all of which creates a simplistic but 'pretty in pink' smokey eye. Next up is a fragrance favourite,  this being Estée Lauder's Modern Muse - a repurchase of mine that I bought and loved all through A/W 2013 and used up way before the first signs of Summer. I then tried to dabble in some other perfumes that were more fitting for the S/S months but now the weather is cooling down and thicker coats and leather boots are making an appearance on the runway, I decided to repurchase this beautiful fragrance and have loved it even more. Last up is a revolutionary product when it comes to self-tan. Of course, it's by St Tropez, my favourite fake-tan brand and it's their Self Tanning Express Bronzing Mousse which is basically a beautifully bronzed self-tan in a bottle where you can choose the depth of colour depending on when you wash it off. You can let it develop for just an hour for a light wash of colour of three hours for a deep, dark bronzed glow that carries on developing for up to eight hours and the colour pay-off can last up to a week. If you love fake-tan then I seriously suggest splashing the cash on this one!

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What products have you been loving in the month of August? 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Topshop Matte Lipstick in Whimsical

Topshop lipsticks, to me, seem like excellent dupes for a lot of higher end brands products and most especially MAC's. I don't think it's any surprise that MAC lipsticks are one of the most (if not the most) popular lipsticks on the beauty scene but they may have some serious competition when Topshop lipsticks come into the picture. The first good noticeable comparison there is between these two excellent brands are the shade and finish ranges that they both offer. Admittedly MAC do have a lot, lot more but Topshop do give a noble offering and I personally have not found a colour in there that I wouldn't wear. I picked up Whimsical on a whim (see what I did there?) and it was love at first application. It's a gorgeous nude-pink with a lovely peachy-orange undertone that is completely on trend for Summer 2014. The finish is matte which I find to be the quality that makes this nude different from every other. The formula isn't drying despite the velvety finish and the wear time is excellent considering the product comes from a drugstore brand and costs a nifty £9. I love the cylindrical packaging with the horizontal stripes as it stands out in my collection and appeared causal and edgy before I even popped off the lid! This is one of the five Topshop lipsticks I own and after how impressed I've been with every single colour and their varying formulas, I know I'll be purchasing a lot more! 

If you'd like to see my full Topshop Cosmetic's Collection (which has already grown since I published the post!) click here

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