Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Fragrance| Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose

Seeing as we are now fast approaching Spring/Summer (although the English weather may say otherwise) I thought this would be the perfect time to review one of my all time favourite fragrances the Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose. This is the perfect fragrance to wear on a Summer's evening or to add that little bit of flirty something in the Spring. Being a light and girly fragrance with a hint of musk, it really is no surprise that Lancôme themselves describe it as being the ideal scent for 'capturing hearts' a very fitting quality with Valentine's Day on the horizon. Overall, the scent can be best described as fruity, floral and completely addictive which explains why I love it so much. 

The fragrances top notes that create the most obvious scent when first applied and are usually what give the initial impression are Jasmine, Peony, Blackcurrant and Pink Pepper. The abundance of ingredients pretty much explains why I was hooked at the first spritz with the exotic flowers and juicy berries.

 Along with this are the heart notes the base of the scent which often acts as the main tone of the perfume are made up of a lovely combination of Rose and Raspberry. I was pleased to find out that Rose was a key smell in the perfume as this along with the Blackcurrant element of the fragrance cleverly mimic the colour and design of the bottle - a really nice touch. 

Then finally the all important base notes, the rich, deep smells of the perfume which in this case contain Vanilla and Musk which explains why this is of course, a sexy, womanly fragrance. 

All of these fragrant flavours are wrapped up in a pink/purple ombre themed bottle that I personally think to be beautiful. I love the added rose decoration which in fact was used in bracelet form when sampling the fragrance in shops as opposed to a Perfume Tester Strip. Considering the rose was made out of a thicker material meant that the smell was soaked in and lingered for longer meaning the sampler was able to enjoy all the different notes of the perfume before making the purchase - a perfect idea. The bottle feels classy and expensive with a slight vintage touch with the shape of the base and lid making a lovely addition to an ever-growing collection. 

Priced at £39 for 30ml makes it not too outrageous and I would like to say worth it for this unique and original scent.  There really is only one downside to this product, this being that the fragrance is quite light meaning it requires multiple applications throughout the day to make it last therefore the bottle does ran out quicker then most. Yet, with that single negative aside, I will definitely be quick to purchase this bottle once this has ran its course and most likely the bigger size!

Let me know what you think in the comments!
What's your favourite S/S fragrance?


  1. The bottle is so pretty! My favourite fragrance at the moment is Roberto Cavalli Acqua x


  2. This sounds like great value for money, I love Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, but it's too pricey for every day use!
    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  3. My fragrance atm would be Victoria secret Love Spell, that smells amazing! great post hunny x

    Jess x

  4. This bottle is beautiful. I really like Taylor Swift's perfume at the moment, plus you cannot beat a holographic bottle!

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

  5. my mom gave me this perfume 2 years ago and I absolutely love it! I really really loved your review of the product, I did not know about the heart notes and base notes and I certainly did not know the fact about the rose! So interesting!
    Great review!