Thursday, 27 February 2014

Beauty| LUSH Cosmetics Blooming Beautiful Gift Set

I was recently gifted this Lush set for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely love Lush Cosmetics but often hesitate to buy the items myself due to the steep pricing and overwhelming amount of choice. Nevertheless, I love receiving their products as presents as I feel it can be personal and thoughtful as well as being the perfect solution to a very much in need pick-me-up. Blooming Beautiful (£7.95) is described by Lush themselves as a 'petite pink gift perfect for anyone you think is bloomin' beautiful'. The products exterior for starters has a gorgeous, floral meets pop-art style patterned wrapping paper tied delicately with a bright pink bow making it almost too pretty to open. In this case I did judge a book by its cover or at least a gift by its wrapping paper. The floral packaging along with the ever so slightly 'punny' name with the adjective 'Blooming' creates strong connotations of Spring making this a great gift set to snatch up for you or a friend in these coming months. 
Inside were two pretty, pastel coloured bath bombs following a floral theme by both appearance and fragrance making the contents match the exterior perfectly. I had never tried these bath bombs before which is always an extra bonus and I found myself waiting for the perfect time to finally have a nice relaxing bath and drop these in the hot water. I find bath bombs to be the perfect accessory for an ideal pamper evening after a long week or the go-to product when in need of a de-stress in the bath tub. 
Pop In The Bath (left) is known as a bubble bar and works best by crumbling under a running tap resulting in the best bubbles and a lovely fruity, floral fragrance that feels the whole room. This bar can easily be cut in half and thus stretching to a two bath usage making the individual price of £2.95 more justified. Citrus fruit oils are used in the process of making this bubble bar therefore emitting a refreshing and rejuvenating scent. The oils also work wonders for your skin too and so leaving your whole body feeling soft and smelling gorgeous once used. They also recommend using this product for your hair, a quality I didn't feel inspired to test but Lush promise an ultra-shine effect for the hair once exposed to the products oils. The colour of the water was only a tinted blue shade, not the most exciting in comparison to some others but nevertheless the body benefits of this product make it right up there on my 'would repurchase' list. 
Think Pink (£2.50) is a bath bomb that has quickly made itself one of my most favourites along its Lush companions. A bright pink ball with a strong smell of Sweet Vanilla and Tonka Bean, it's no surprise that I found this to be a sweet, sensual and a lovely addition to my bath time. Decorated with small iced, candy flowers, this also instantly created strong connotations of Spring which was only emphasised more so by the scent. The only downside to this bomb was the subtle hint of Lavender, a smell I'm not so keen on but can tolerate when mixed with my more favoured scents eg. Vanilla with a Citrus top note. One of my favourite things about this bath bomb is the strong pink colour created once released into the water, a benefit that I always love in these type of products. This also went the extra mile by containing tiny, confetti hearts that float around the bath making it ultra pretty and girly. Don't worry these do eventually melt away and so limiting the amount of mess to clean up afterwards.  
 All in all this is a lovely gift set which only makes me want to go out and buy some more bombs to sample. The only downside to this product being is in theory you really are paying for the packaging. With the individual prices of the two bombs costing at an overall price of £5.45 you're in fact paying an extra £2.50 purely for the exterior, luckily it's pretty but in future I will definitley be purchasing these products separately. Especially if it's a gift from me, to me.

Let me know what you think in the comments.
What's your favourite Lush product?


  1. That Pink Bomb is my absolute favourite - even though its a bit boring I adore it!!


  2. My sister got this from me for christmas.
    She loved it, I think I will buy it for myself, too ;)
    Lush is one of my favorite brands, their products are just amazing.

  3. hmm that's weird! Usually kits are suppose to be a good deal haha! They look lovely though! I just tried out my first bath bomb and I think it's safe to say I'm in love with them now :)

  4. The "Pop In The Bath" one looks so cute! I always feel less guilty about buying things from lush if they have skin/hair benefits! x

  5. lovely post!! great pictures! i love lush so much xxx

  6. I do love packaging, and this is very nice but it is annoying when it adds so much on to the product price, especially if it isn't a gift!

    X victoria

  7. I love The Olive Branch Shower Gel from Lush. I do love Lush but it's a little expensive.