Sunday, 16 February 2014

Beauty| YSL Volupté Sheer Candy Lipstick

I probably buy lipstick more then any other product out there. There's something about the variation of colour, formulas and finish that gets my heart racing. Admittedly the majority of my lip products were actually bargains snapped up on the hight street but a lipstick fanatic surely must have to own something high end? Especially if it is a YSL product. I am completely in love with YSL beauty as there truly has not been one product that I have bought from them that didn't have excellent performance and wasn't worth the heavy price tag.  There's always a promise of great quality and not to mention the gorgeous packaging, a trait that many beauty buyers, myself included, are usually drawn to. 

This product definitely ticks all the boxes that most search for in a lip product. The YSL Volputé Sheer Candy Lipstick has gorgeous coloration wrapped up in beautiful packaging, a product I feel proud to have in my collection. It was definitely the silver tube with the pink/gold band around the middle that initially drew me towards this product. I actually like the fact that its more weighty then most lipsticks as it creates connotations of luxury, something I want when it's costing me a bomb. I chose mine in the shade 3 Juicy Grapefruit a really sheer, pale pink with a slight shimmer and extra shine, a diverse colour that's perfect for both day and night. I love it because the light, pretty shade is perfect for any look be it bold smoky eyes or something a little more natural. The product itself is unique and I find the best way to describe the formula is a lipstick but with the benefits of a lip balm with its super rich, hydrating formula, a touch of colour and fruity extracts that works wonders on your lips. The hydration and moisture on lips really lasts a length of time even if the colour doesn't.  The thing that really topped it for me with this product was the gorgeous, fruity smell that makes both me and my lips feel refreshed and rejuvenated once applied. A definite added bonus that sets it aside from most other lip products. Priced at £25 it's expensive but that comes at no surprise with it being a product from YSL but as I mentioned before, you are paying for quality.

All in all this is a lovely product which sparks my interest at trying some more in the same range. Maybe a richer colour to create some show stopper lips for an evening look. 

Let me know what you think in the comments.
What's your favourite YSL product?


  1. this is such a beautiful shade!! I have a little bit of an addiction with these ;) xx

  2. I've never used a YSL product, but they always look just SO gorgeous and I'd love to own one :) Paying for quality is great!
    Love Jasmine
    Rabbitwood | beauty and lifestyle blog

  3. The colour looks beautiful!! Picture of it on your lips? :P