Saturday, 15 February 2014

Beauty| Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Being someone that suffers with what seems like permanent dark, under eye circles, Concealer is a must in my make up routine and there is nothing more inconvenient then having a concealer that's perfect for blemishes but not for the under eye department or vice versa.  I have been an avid lover of the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer for years now but decided I needed a change. This is where the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer comes in!

This is a perfect little compact concealer that comes with three steps to achieve that perfect, clear skin finish. I found it exciting applying this the first time round as it just worked so beautifully and eliminated all the bad areas, brightening up my face like no other concealer has ever done before. S&G themselves subtitle this product as a 'Three- Piece Flaw Camouflage Kit' a statement I definitely agree with. This product ultimately is great at covering over blemishes without appearing thick of heavy on the skin ergo creating a pretty, flawless look helping anyone to feel confident. 

It contains three different pans of product all with slightly different formulas, consistency's and hues to counteract all the flaws on anyones face giving the effect of porcelain skin. Step 1 is a Brightening Under Eye Concealer with a pinky undertone, perfect for eliminating blue circles and making even the tiredest of eyes appear awake. This paired with the Puffease technology ensures you that your eyes will appear new and improved after an application - a quality I can definitely appreciate! Step 2 is there for your blemishes, a nude with a yellowy-undertone Concealer with a ultra creamy consistency that applies to the skin beautifully and acts as a Make-Up miracle. 

And finally Step 3, the lightweight Powder, transparent in colour that literally feels weightless during and after application. This sets the creams ensuring that they are there to stay, protecting the Concealers from creasing and wearing away. I feel once applied, this product makes the overall look appear more natural and gives the effect of flawless skin that everyone craves. It uses Instafix Polymer Technology, a quality that enhances the products performance and adds a range of benefits, two for example being slight water-resistance and long-wearing on the skin. 

The packaging for me has to be one of my favourite things about the product. Not necessarily the way it looks as I'm not one for 'Cartoony' effects and 'Comic Book strip' writing but the general design of the item. It's small and compacted, a perfect item for travel with two levels that are easily interchangeable allowing you to take not only two but three different products around with you in the convenient little shell. This along with a mini mirror and a light sponge-applicator for the powder, a addition I never choose to use but for some of you this could be a great bonus, makes it a very nifty piece of work!
Bottom - Step 1 Under Eye Concealer   Top - Step 2 Blemish Concealer
As you can see from the swatches the products are thick and pigmented but sink into the skin beautifully allowing the skin to appear naturally flawless. Yet, once again, with a large amount of positives there aways has to be one negative which in this case is the lack of colour selection in the products, a common problem with high street make up. This product only comes in Light (pictured) and Medium meaning it's only suited for a narrow audience and so misses out a mass of prospective buyers who too could love this product. Something S&G definitely needs to improve on. 

Priced at £10 and bought from your local Boots, this a product everyone needs to get their hands on to try out the benefits for themselves.

Let me know what you think in the comments.
What's your favourite Concealer?


  1. thank you! i have been looking out for a decent concealer for ages! which are very hard to find, but your great explanation has given me faith! I'm buying this at my next opportunity!
    elise xx

  2. I'm on the hunt for a concealer I can use under the eyes and this sounds perfect - great review! x


  3. I use lots of soap and glory make up but I haven't tried this concealer yet. Quite tempted to buy it now!

  4. I had this concealer and lost it, I seriously need to go out and buy a new one after this post cause I really loved it!

  5. I've never really used soap and glory for anything other than their bath and shower products, but this looks great! I'll definitely consider it next time I need a new concealer!x

    Lauren Evie