Friday, 9 May 2014

Fragrance| Limited Edition Esteé Lauder Bronze Goddess

Introducing the most perfect summer fragrance which has awarded a special place on my fragrance shelf and has tempted me on numerous occasion over the past few years to stock up on copious amounts of these limited edition bottles so I will never be without this gorgeous, gold packaged, Goddess. Esteé Lauder's Bronze Goddess 100ml (£47) truly is Summer in a bottle, with scents that remind me of sandy beaches, salty sea water and coconut sun cream. This fragrance radiates warmth making you feel heavenly bronzed a unique touch for a Summer fragrance. 

Esteé Lauder themselves state that this is the fragrance 'that worships every inch of you' and I really do agree. The fragrance is heavy but not overwhelming and applies more like a body spray that lasts all day giving off addictive bursts off fragrance that create a sense of nostalgia and is enough to win over even the biggest Summer Scrooge. 

The Bronze Goddess fragrance is concocted with various different ingredients which awaken the senses allowing them to be whisked away to a hot, Summers day. Picture this: The Warmth of the Sun  created with the likes of Amber, Sandalwood, Coconut Milk and a personal favourite of mine, Myrrh and that is really just to name a view. Then we have the Warmness of the Golden Sand best served between our toes and created with Lemon, Mandarin and Orange. And finally the Bronzed Skin that most woman crave in summer which is made up of a mixture of different floral scents including Jasmine, Lavender and Magnolia Petals. When all of this is wrapped up in a beautiful gold, reflective bottle, there really is little to no reason why everyone shouldn't have this in their collection ready for S/S. 

I can honestly say I loved it the first time I smelt it two years ago and it hasn't left my mind since until I finally bought it for this Summer.  For any of you that do want try it, you are certainly in for a treat. This fragrance is the ultimate womanly scent that everyone needs in their collection. Be quick though, as this scent is only around for a limited time only and if you don't snap it up quick you may find yourself having to wait a whole other year till next Summer, like my silly self, until you're finally reunited with it again. 

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  1. I have the shimmer oil, which has the same scent as this but just a bit toned down. I have to admit that while the scent is okay, I am not totally wowed by it. It's mostly the sparkles in the shimmer oil that do it for me :-)