Thursday, 15 May 2014

Beauty| Benefit Rockateur Boxed Blusher Review

Benefit's Rockateur Blush (£23.50) hit the market with a bang at the end of last Summer and even still the hype surrounding this little boxed blush seems to be ever-growing. I've been lusting after this product for a while but tried to tell myself that I didn't need it because I have 'plenty of other blushers' but my rational thoughts were quickly trumped by my shopaholic mind which screamed 'but you can never have too many' and I popped my card into the machine without a second thought. The first thing that attracted me to this product wasn't the bold, cheeky if ever-so-slightly garish packaging but actually the beautiful rose gold interior which really came as a blessing to my eyes. I love the geometric designs created in the actual product and the embossed Rock that really sets it aside visually from most other competitor blushers on the market. 

The product is a subtle two-toned, muted pink shade with subtle hints of shimmer laced through the powder. In the pan the shimmer can appear slightly overwhelming and I was slightly precarious on whether it would result in the 'disco ball effect'. Luckily the shimmer transferred in a very simple but beautiful way and instead I was left with beautiful rosy, glowing cheeks that deemed an added highlighter as unnecessary - a bonus that can't really be argued with.

The product lasted well once applied and I still found traces of the pinky glow on my cheeks a good six hours later. The pigmentation is reasonably good but the long lasting formula will ensure for less re-applications which therefore results in less product usage and so you can save those pennies for a few extra months!

Overall, I'm very impressed with this product and if I'm honest I really didn't expect anything less when it comes to Benefit. I'm glad I finally bit the bullet and bought it and I'm sure my bank balance will forgive me soon for setting it back by £23.50.

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What's your favourite blusher?


  1. Great review!! Looks a gorgeous colour of blusher :)
    Ava xox

  2. I really really want this! One day my shopaholic mind will take over too! :p

    Abby xxx

  3. I wish I picked this up now, we will have to go on another shopping trip!


  4. I love the colour of this, benefit blushers never fail to impress me x


  5. is a beautiful color :)

  6. I've been after this for a while but still havent done it!! It looks like gives a great glow!!