Saturday, 3 May 2014

Beauty| High End HAUL! ft. Mac and Zoeva

Earlier this week I uploaded pictures of my Drugstore Cosmetics Haul which marked the end of my six week spending ban. A monumental occasion, I know. Unfortunately, (but also quite fortunately) the money spending didn't stop there and I decided to dabble a bit online with endless scrolling on websites such as Mac Cosmetics, to name a few. I personally cannot get enough of other peoples high end shopping hauls as at times I find myself to be a cosmetics snob and get much more pleasure and excitement when buying things from a premium brand. A blessing for me and my skin but definitely a curse for my bank balance. I've made a personal agreement with myself that once I have bought all of the items below I will lay the card to rest for a bit, at least until next pay day anyway. Here is a brief rundown of each item. I will be doing separate and more in-depth reviews on every said item below, on the blog, in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled! 

A sexy, womanly fragrance that's sophisticated yet pretty and perfect for all ages. Not to mention the beautiful, diamond-like bottle that shares a similar resemblance by shape and shine to a huge engagement ring.
The perfect summer fragrance. One spritz takes me back to sandy beaches, a hot sun and coconut smelling sun cream. The long-lasting smell is also a nice touch too. 
The second of a Mac Pro Palette which has started off with a bang with a beautiful, iridescent pinky nude that I just can't wait to try. This also warrants more shopping as I can't just leave all those empty spaces! 

Probably one of my all time favourite cosmetic items. A beautiful highlighter that transforms the face and emphasises the high points. This beauty will always have a place in my heart and make up bag. 

I have waited a long, long time for these and they were sure worth the wait. Never have I seen such beautiful brushes. I think my soft spot for rose gold plays a key part in this love affair. The quality of these brushes are amazing and the softness is slightly overwhelming. I'm almost too scared to use these encase a damage the beautiful exterior. 

I hope you enjoyed this High End Beauty Haul. As I said before I will be doing full reviews on these items over the next few weeks. I really hope you enjoyed having a little look in and if you have done anything similar please comment down below!

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Let me know what you think in the comments.
Have a good day! 


  1. so jelly of your zoeva brushes! I was gonna buy some but the shipping is a bit of a pain because im in the states. soft n gentle is also one of my favorites

  2. awesome haul! Those brushes look great! I totally agree with you though, it's like since I've become a blogger, I'm only impressed with the higher quality (mainly higher end) products! It's a tragedy for my poor bank account!

  3. I wish I have the MAC mineralize skin finish!

  4. MAC is always there, in our high end shopping bag :),
    I love your blog.
    would you like to follow me back?

  5. I have the Zoeva rose gold brushes as I couldn't resist buying them. I love them so much!!! x

  6. Those brushes look gorgeous! I may have to invest :) xx