Monday, 30 January 2017

My All Time Favourite High Street Highlighter Kit

Sleek Makeup have definitely made a name for themselves in the last few years in regards to having good quality products for an even better price. If they weren't making beautiful palettes with punchy pigments and an array of colours, they were killing it with their blushes that appear to take inspiration from NARS Cosmetics and not only because of their matte, black packaging. Recently, I stumbled across the Sleek Highlighting Palette in Diamond in the Rough on a stand in my local boots and after a single swatch I was sold. For starters, I couldn't believe how affordable the palette was as I only paid £7.99 for six shades that are seriously better than a lot of my higher end glow givers. The palette offers a variety of different shades ranging from icy whites, champagne golds and deep rose hues as well as two consistencies, cream and powder. The cream shades did not take my initial fancy as I often find cream highlighters can sometimes apply unevenly on top of powders yet as you can see by the swatch, the glow from this highlight takes on the appearance of glass and can transform you from a 'tired and dull mortal' to an 'ice queen who has their life together' in a matter of seconds, or maybe that is just my experience. However, it is the champagne gold shade (second from the left) that gave this palette cult status for me. The glow this gives is extreme as it takes on a 'wet' like appearance on the skin which is something I definitely look for in my highlights. You can see this in action in my Natural Makeup Look and you will understand what I mean as after just the tap of a brush on my cheeks my complexion quite literally changes in front of my eyes from dull and dreary to radiant and healthy. I used this throughout the majority of December and honestly would happily throw away the majority of my high end highlighters in favour for this one. I urge you to check this out if you see it in your local Boots or Superdrug!

What are your favourite drugstore highlighters? 

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