Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Battle of the Highlighters

It is no secret that highlighters are very much the in  thing right now. Highlighters are the perfect way to fake a healthy glow on dull days and personally, my face does not feel complete without a dousing of highlight on my cheeks bones and the tip of my nose. It seems like everybody and their nan are on the ultimate expedition to find that ultimate glow so look no further as I am about to give you a full rundown on some of my favourite highlighters that I have been loving over the past year. So let's get straight into it as I have a feeling we could be here for a while...

For starters, I had to mention the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle as this was actually my first proper powder highlighter and the culprit for my ongoing glow obsession. I always recommend this powder to anyone that hasn't ventured into the highlight sphere before as it is a subtle champagne-peach shade and cannot be overly done yet it is still achievable to gain that ultimate glow. It isn't exactly cheap (£24 to be exact) but it definitely is not on the higher end of the market when it comes to price and this pan will last you a good year. As you can see, I actually have mine in the old packaging as it has lasted me that long and obviously there is the fact that I am highlighter whore and I never stay loyal to one which is probably pretty obvious due to this post. 

Next up is the Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm. This is a much coveted highlight that has previously sat neatly in between high street and high end price tag as it could be purchased in both Debenhams and Superdrug however it now costs £17.49 which I'm pretty sure has increased, most likely because Mary's popularity has grown dramatically in the past couple of years thanks to the blogging industry. Mary-Lou boasts a gold gleam with a subtle shimmer that breaks into a champagne gold when applied onto the cheeks. I recommend this to a lot of highlighter lovers as it seriously adds a bit of oomph to the complexion plus it looks beautiful on a variety of skin tones - trust me. I have used this during the midst of winter when my face is so pale, I'd give Snow White a run for her money, as well during the peak of Summer when I transition from deathly pale to just pale. If you are looking for a champagne highlight that makes those cheek bones pop - check this out!

This next one is probably my all time favourite highlighter to the point that you can see in the picture above that I have almost hit pan. The BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed in Moonstone is probably the most talked about highlighter of 2016 alongside its sister Champagne Pop, and it isn't difficult to understand why. The colour is of course a beautiful pale gold with cool-silvery undertones that looks literally like liquid gold on the skin. However, it is the formula and finish of this highlight that sets it above its competitors. The formula of this powder is so finely milled it quite honestly feels like liquid and takes on a similar appearance when on the skin, to the point that your cheeks actually glisten when adorned with this BECCA beauty and seriously, I cannot get enough. I find whenever I wear this I seriously get addicted to the glow to the point that I am low-key applying this everywhere  on my face and I have no shame. It costs a hefty £32 but seriously I would not even hesitate to purchase this again - this is desert island stuff people! 

The Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold Highlighter looks gimmicky but still offers the incredible quality that parallels all of her other products - seriously can Tilbury do any wrong? I purchased this originally as I love how small and compact the product is and felt that this would be the perfect travel sized highlighter and I was not wrong. The swatches of this do not do the gold justice, I honestly feel like a goddess when I wear this and I am never going to complain about that. The only downside is that the product costs £32 (gulp) for a pitiful 4.5g however if you are a regular shopper of Charlotte Tilbury products, this would come at no surprise. I wouldn't recommend this as a first time highlighter but if you are highlighter obsessed like me and are on the hunt for a true gold sheen - this is your gal. 

Finally, do not kill me as I am about to mention a product that costs an arm and leg to ship to the UK but it was soo worth it. The ColourPop Pearlized Highlighter in Wisp appears seemingly inexpensive as it technically costs under £7, although it actually costs a bomb when you add in the shipment charge from the US as well as the tax and all those nitty gritty details. I wish nothing more that ColourPop would create a decent stockists in the UK but do look around if you are wanting to purchase this as some UK sites do sell it but maybe with a slightly increased price. However, despite it's actual inexpensive status, the glow from this little while pot is incredible and the shade is seriously stunning as it offers a beautiful gold with a subtle peach undertone that only adds to the glow on the skin. The consistency of all ColourPop products is seriously odd as they look like a powder yet apply like a cream therefore I would recommend to use a synthetic brush when using any of their products to achieve the ultimate colour pay off. ColourPop offer a wide variety of highlighters that are all seriously beautiful so do go and check them out and pray along with me that they become even more accessible in the UK.

...and breathe. If you read all of that, I love you and will add you to my 2017 Christmas card lists.
I hope you enjoyed this run down of my favourite highlighters and please leave a comment below!

What is your favourite highligher?

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