Monday, 14 July 2014

The Perfect Summer Lipstick From YSL

I think it's no surprise that YSL win when it comes to beautiful, luxurious packaging. I'm honestly like a dog to it's bone when it comes to the gold plated lipsticks with the stencilled logo over the shade teaser that just looks too pretty when on show in my cosmetic's storage. I own two other shades of these but both alternative formulas (including one of the Sheer Candy Lipsticks) so this is the first I tried with this type of finish. Therefore, it makes me very happy to say that I absolutely love YSL's Rouge Volupté Shines. It's creamy but perfectly pigmented. By that I mean that it has enough pigment to completely adapt the colour of lips but it doesn't apply like a mask such as, in comparison, MAC's Amplified Cream formula lipsticks. It didn't dry out my lips at all and made them, in overall, feel soft and buttery throughout the wear time. Yet, what really sold me with this product was, of course, the colour. Coral Intuitive 15 - a perfect peachy, coral shade that complimented my fair skin tone and I can imagine every other! It's bright but not bold with a lovely subtle shine that brings some dewiness to the face, a key ingredient for the perfect Summer look. The wear time is good considering the formula is very buttery and I still found evidence of the colour a good two to three hours later which I think is down to the subtle stain which is left on the lips after application. If you're after the perfect Summer shade and aren't afraid to spend a bit of extra cash (£25) then this is the one for you!

Let me know what you think in the comments.
What's your favourite Summer lipstick? 


  1. Love this lipstick, the colour looks fantastic and the lipstick bottle looks just as good doesn't it :D
    Melissa x

  2. This really is the perfect lipstick, the colour is gorgeous as is the packaging x


  3. these lipsticks are really fantastic! I've accumulated quite a few these year haha!