Monday, 7 July 2014

Cosmetic Collection: Urban Decay

It's the beginning of the week again! Which means it's time for another one of my Cosmetics Collection posts. Today I have for you a smaller collection but no less amazing as it features all three of the iconic Urban Decay palettes that are easily one (or three) of my favourite features in my whole collection. I will be posting full reviews and comparisons on all of these palettes in due course so if you find yourself wanting a little more of an in depth review, don't worry one is coming your way! So lets get cracking.

A beautiful highlighter that although is more shimmery then most, is a gorgeous accomplice for a night out. Once applied the skin appears illuminated although don't go with a heavy hand as so to avoid the disco-ball effect. I love the packaging as although it's bulky, it gives a nice representation of the product inside. It lasts well on the skin and a little bit really goes a long way. A nice justification for the high price tag.

A truly gorgeous foundation which is easily one of my favourite bases out there. I was a bit hesitant buying this at first as for one thing, I hadn't read any reviews before hand and also although Urban Decay are known for their excellent palettes, liners and setting sprays, foundation has never been a product I've heard much hype about. Luckily, my expectations were immediately exceeded for many reasons. The first being the great shade range, the colour I had matched my skin better then any other foundation I've tried. Secondly, it seriously feels weightless once applied, which is impressive considering it's an medium coverage with an easily build-able formula with a semi-matte finish. Lastly, the lasting power which was still visible, with minor imperfections, a good 14 hours after application. I've never had so many comments about my skin then when I'm wearing this foundation! 

I don't think I really need to say much when it comes to this palette. Probably one of the most talked about palettes on the beauty blogging scene and it's completely understandable why. Twelve beautiful shades mostly iridescent with a couple of mattes in a range of beautiful tertiary tones that will complement anyone. If you a want a Naked palette but are unsure on which one, this is definitely the one to opt for. I've only had it for a short while but already it's love. 
Favourite shades: Virgin, Sidecar, Smog. 

Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette £37 (featured in a FOTD here)
The first one I owned and probably my most worn. I love the shades in this and the easily blend able formulas and great colour pay-off are just a dream to work with. The thing I love almost the most about this palette is the excellent brush it comes with. It's a dream to pack on colour and blends beautifully, fitting in to the crease better then many of my petite crease brushes and creates a beautiful smokey eye look in seconds. 
Favourite shades: Half Baked, Suspect, YDK.

Urban Decay's newest addition to the trio. A beautiful rose-heud palette that although may not be to everyone's taste, is definitely the prettiest even if it's just to look at! Again, there's twelve gorgeous shades varying from shimmery, pearlescent to matte finishes. This neutrals palette is definitely a must have in ones Summer collection! With great staying-power, incredible blend-ability and no fall out, I really see little reason to not snap this up.
Favourite shades: Limit, Trick, Factory. 

So there's the round up of my Urban Decay Cosmetics Collection. I think next on my 'Things To Try' list is definitely the Glide-On 24/7 Eyeliners as I'm intrigued to see how good the staying-power really is! 
What's your favourite product from Urban Decay? 


  1. The shimmering powder sounds lovely!

  2. You finally have the full set of naked pallets, all you need now is the basic pallet and you will have enough eyeshadows to last you a life time!


  3. I love the Naked palettes, the eyeshadows are such amazing quality! x


  4. I love my Naked palettes. Mostly the first one. The Naked Skin is on my whishlist. Can't wait to get it.