Sunday, 13 July 2014

Cosmetics Collection: Soap and Glory Make Up

I'm back again with another Cosmetics Collection for you! This time it's about another favourite drugstore Make Up brand of mine, Soap and Glory. With it's stand out packaging that's cute, quirky and slightly pin-up, this really is a great brand that takes quality and appearance into a lot of consideration. I thought I would focus this post mainly on the make up side of S&G even though I know they're best known for their incredible bath and body products as well as their excellent skincare but don't worry I will be doing another post all about the products I own from their other collections too because I love it all. 

1. Lid Stuff Flawless Finish Eyeshadow in What's Nude £10 
For the incredible price, this beautiful eyeshadow quad is an absolute steal. I love the fact that it's made up mainly of mattes with only one shimmer shade as pretty much everyone other palette I own is glitter galore. The shadows are creamy and apply beautifully with an acclaimed eight hour wear which I don't think I could argue with. This is a great nudes palette which would be perfect for travel considering it has the four main neutral shades you'd ideally want. 

2. Kick Ass Concealer in Light £10 (full review here
A lovely concealer made up of three combat shades that are great for concealing those under eye circles and pesky blemishes. With a salmon pink cream that works a treat for brightening up dark under eyes, a yellow toned complexion concealer that covers up spots completely along with counteracting redness and a translucent powder that works great when setting the creams to ensure they won't budge. All of this is then efficiently fitted into a nifty looking compact that you could throw into your bag and be ready to face the day. 

3. Archery Eyebrow Pencil in Brownie Points £10 (full review here)
One of S&G most talked about Cosmetic products. This intuitive product combines both a wax crayon and a subtle coloured tint that are the perfect pair for creating either the natural brow or big bold bushy show stoppers that even Cara Delevigne would be jealous of. The felt-tip end means you can effectively brush on tiny little hairs to both add volume but still ensure your brows still look like, well brows. Then this is when the crayon comes in. A great consistency and excellent pigmentation which fills in the brows perfectly so you're all good to go! 

A brilliant and beautiful product. A mix of bronze, peach and gold hues that when swirled together on a fluffy brush creates the most gorgeous illuminated, pretty in peach colour that's perfect for Summer. The different segments look pretty in the pan and even prettier on the skin and you have the power to create any look you want. You decide what shades you'd like to be more predominant by focusing your brush on individual segments to achieve either a more bronzed, blushed or highlighted effect or if you'd prefer the wild card, like myself, just go to town on the colour wheel and see what gorgeous, pearlescent shade comes up. 

A lovely, moisturising lip balm that smells so much like peaches, I'm tempted to eat it. This literally melts on your mouth during application and is so nourishing once on thanks to the Mango Butter in the ingredients. The main thing I love about this balm is the sheer add of peachy colour that although is simple, acts as a gorgeous shade for an everyday Make Up look. 

A super glossy, lip lacquer in a stick form that gives Clinique's Chubby Sticks a run for their money. This is moisturising, perfectly pigmented and lasts well on the lips. Not to mention the gorgeous shade Nudist that although appears slightly brown in the bullet, is actually a beige-toned peach when applied. Think MAC's Shy Girl but glossier. I feel like everyone should have this in their collection so go and get it!

7. Super-Colour FabuLipstick in The Missing Pink £9 (full review here)
The perfect pinky-nude that plumps up the lips as well as giving a lovely finish. This really is a gorgeous colour which, along with the great limp pumping technology, nourishing Shea Butter and ultra-shine qualities, makes the perfect pout in one easy swipe. 

So that's a full run down of my Soap and Glory Collection! Hope you enjoyed it.

Let me know what you think in the comments.
What's your favourite Soap and Glory product?


  1. every product from soap and glory I've tried I've loved so far and these look gorgeous too. Ive been looking at the eyeshadow quad for ages and i think i might have to treat myself! x

  2. I love the concealer and the eyeshadow palette, I definitely want to try out more Soap & Glory make up products x