Sunday, 31 May 2015

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Crystal Lipstick

Estée Lauder as a brand, always promise great quality for a steep but highly justifiable price. I am sure everyone has heard of their cult classic foundation, Double Wear and almost everybody has spent what feels like forever, wishing they would bring back that limited edition 'Tease' blush that seems incomparable with anything else. Yet, I have never heard much talk about their lip products so I decided to bite the bullet and buy one myself. The Estée Lauder Pure Colour Crystal Lipstick (£21) in Crystal Baby has a creme formula and a sheer pigmentation. It is perfect for an everyday lipstick that you can just throw on without a mirror handy. The colour is a nude pink with a subtle shimmer that sounds scary but do not worry, it is a far cry from being frosty so you will not be looking like a 70-year-old cougar. The packaging is weighty with a gold finish that feels the epitome of luxury, a good thing considering the price. This type of lipstick has an abundance of beneficial ingredients including Shea Butter thus feeling completely comfortable on the lips and leaving them moisturised but still with a decent wear time. If you are after an everyday lip product or want to splash the cash on a high-end lipstick that you are guaranteed to get your money's worth out of, then definitely go and check these out!

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