Friday, 10 April 2015

My MAC Lipstick Collection

Matte: Toledo Victoriana, Toledo Sin, Toledo Oxblood, Viva Glam 1, Velvet Teddy.
Matte: Please Me, Mehr, Pink Plaid, Kinda Sexy, Nouvelle Vogue, Flat Out Fabulous.
Matte swatches in order of how they are shown above.
Amplified Creme: Blankety, Brick-O-La, Craving, Toying Around, Dark Side, Pedro Lourenco Ruby. 
Amplified Creme swatches in order of how they are shown above.
Satin: Viva Glam II, Twig, Brave, Pink Nouveau, Rebel.
Satin swatches in order of how they are shown above.
Lustre: Free As A Butterfly, Royal Ball, Lovelorn, Plumful
Patisserie, Politely Pink, Sweetie, Milan Mode
Lustre swatches in order of how they are shown above.
Cremesheen/ Frost/ Glaze: Pure Zen, Creme Cup, Peach Blossom, Costa Chic, Hue, Angel.
Cremesheen, Frost and Glaze swatches in order of how they are shown above.

I have a really hefty post for all of you today and one that I have been meaning to do for a long time. As you can see by the extent of the photos above, I love a good MAC lipstick. I would even go as far as saying that I have a small addiction to buying these bullets and am convinced that one day I will own a room full! (I dream big, I know). I figured it would be slightly extensive to give a run down on each and every shade so instead I thought I'd pick up my favourites from each finish and let you pick your favourites!

Mattes: Velvet Teddy and Flat Out Fabulous are easily my favourite matte lipsticks. I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of Velvet Teddy due to the 'Kylie Jenner' lip craze. Luckily, I picked it up long before so never had a struggle buying it! This is a really lovely neutral that has a little extra something in comparison to other nudes. The matte formula makes this extra pretty and lasts for hours and hours on my lips. Flat Out Fabulous is not usually something I'd pick up but I have found it to be the perfect bold lip for my pale skin. The purple-toned pink looks absolutely fabulous for a night out and I seriously have loved wearing it and felt confident wearing it also! If you after something bold but beautiful, I suggest checking this out!

Amplified: Blankety and Dark Side are both two of the most worn lipsticks in my collection. Blankety is similar to Velvet Teddy but slightly more muted and with a creamier looking finish. This is a perfect throw on nude for day-to-day. Whenever I'm feeling a little meh, I always throw this on as I know it'll look fine! Dark Side is a very sentimental product in my collection as it was my first ever MAC lipstick. The really deep purple-red shade is daring but looks a dream. It reminds me slightly of the iconic Rimmel 107 without the matte finish and more of a purple twist. I really don't think this lipstick gets enough credit for how beautiful it is.

Satin: Brave is easily my favourite out of the Satin finishes although I pretty much love and would happily wear every single one of these shades. Again, this lipstick has a lot of hype surrounding it but it is understandable as to why. It's a beige nude with a hint of pink that is easy to wear and can just be thrown on to pull a whole look together. It's even more prettier in person.

Lustre: This formula definitely isn't my favourite of MAC's but I feel with the right colour it can still look gorge. Lovelorn and Plumful are probably my 'opt to' choices. Lovelorn is a great lipstick when you want something safe but not necessarily a nude. The gorgeous pink shade looks subtle on the lips but still adds some colour to my complexion. Similarly, Plumful is great for people who are maybe after an A/W shade but don't want to go too bold. The rosy-plum shade applies sheer on the lips but still looks great. I suggest swatching this next time you're at a MAC counter to really appreciate it in its full beauty.

Miscellaneous: I love every single one of these shades and found it almost impossible to pick my favourites. Yet, Hue and Angel are probably my most worn two in the whole of my lipstick collection. Hue was my first nude as I was after something that was easy to wear and pretty but didn't completely wash me out. This is pale and probably couldn't be universally worn but the pink undertone really makes this stand out for me. I have had so many compliments when wearing this and would definitely say this is my 'everyday shade'. Angel is very similar but is a lot more pink when worn. I have rediscovered my love for this and often find myself opting for it purely because the natural pink really injects some life into my complexion.

MAC lipsticks retail from £15.50 and are easily my go-to brand when I'm after a particular shade. I would love to hear what your favourites are as I am always on the hunt for more!
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  1. Oooh gosh all so pretty! Especially loving the corals and nudes in the last photo :) Great swatches!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  2. There are so many pretty shades I want them all! x

  3. I love to see Mac lipstick collections! You should try Ruby Woo and Lady Danger :)

  4. Please me and lovelorn look like my kind of shades! You have so many! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  5. This post looks amazing!! Love the photography you've done!
    I've followed you on Blogger and Bloglovin, it would be great if you could follow me back?

  6. Brave looks stunning, I am definitely getting my hands on this next time I go to MAC! You have some really stunning shades! xx

    Beauty Girl

  7. I think MAC lippies will always be cult classics! I love Brave! ♥