Friday, 3 April 2015

March Beauty Favourites 2015

Swatches L-R: (Top photo) S&G Solar Powder, NARS Matte Multiple, Chanel Illusion D'Ombre.
(Bottom photo) Vapour, Phloof, Omega, Quarry, Satin Taupe, Stroke of Midnight.
Back again with another monthly favourites. I am excited to share these with you all as pretty much every single item listed are a new addition to my collection. So lets get straight into it.

First up, the Soap and Glory Solar Powder (£11). Who hasn't heard of this by now? It's seriously raved about all over the blogging/beauty world and it's understandable as to why. I've had this in my collection for a few months now and although I try and circulate my products (the curse of having too many!) I also find myself resorting back to this one as it is actually better than a lot of my pricier alternatives (ahem - NARS Laguna). It's split into two shades where the right, for me, makes a perfect bronzer shade and the left is light enough to work as a great natural contour that is brilliant for my pale skin. It's fairly cheap and cheerful so do check it out. 
Next, the MAC Cinderella Eyeshadow Palette in Stroke of Midnight (£38.50). Of course the month of March bought the hyped up release of the MAC Cinderella collection and I can easily say it is by far my favourite collection from MAC. I wore this palette so much throughout March as the six shades offered endless options of looks and each eyeshadow lived up to the amazing quality of MAC. I am ridiculously happy that I managed to get my hands on this. 
Next up, the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Emerveille (£25). I do have a full review coming soon about this little pot of glory that I have been wearing on my lids either alone or in-cooperated into a much more intricate eye look and I seriously cannot get enough. If you're after a long-wearing cream eyeshadow then check out your local Chanel counter - you won't be disappointed. 
Moving on to another gem that has pretty much reached a holy grail level in my books. The NARS Matte Multiple in Altai (£29). I was hesitant to purchase this as I was cautions that the shade would be too dark for my very pale skin but luckily it didn't disappoint. The foolproof application allows for a sharp, concise contour and I am now reluctant to try anything else. This paired with the S&G Solar Powder creates a bronzed/contour daydream that everyone needs to try. 
Finally, the MAC Turquatic (£38.50) fragrance has quickly become one of my all time favourite scents for S/S. I don't know why I waited so long to try this as after one spritz I was sold. If you're looking for something thats fresh and uplifting but still lasts on the skin, please do try and give this a go!

I hope you enjoyed my round up of the products I have been loving throughout the month of March.
Let me know what you think in the comments.
What are your favourite products from the past month?


  1. I'm dying the dry the Soap and Glory Solar Powder!! I really enjoyed reading your monthly favourites :) xoxo

  2. So jealous you managed to get the MAC Cinderella palette, that looks awesome! Your blog is amazing btw, I'm completely hooked!

    Loves! Kirstie
    Kimamely Beauty

  3. All the products look amazing, I couldn't get the Cinderella palette :( it sold out everywhere the weekend it was out

  4. The S&G Solar Powder is a big favourite of mine! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  5. Great favourites, I really must try the soap and glory solar powder! Heard so many great things! x

  6. I wanted the cinderella palette so bad :( It came out of stock so quickly

  7. Gotta love the soap and glory solar powder :)

  8. I need this cinderella palette, the shades are so amazing. Too bad it sold out. Lovely post.

    olivia -

  9. Oh that Cinderella palette is divine! It's sold out at many places in Canada, but you're absolutely right in saying that the options are endless with it!

    Stephanie |