Monday, 30 June 2014

Cosmetic Collection: Topshop Make Up

The Nails And Teapots Beauty Blog is back again with another Cosmetic Collection. If you read my post from last Monday (bonus points if you did!) then you would of seen a full rundown of my Benefit Collection, a long post but was fun to write all the same! Today I thought I'd share with you a more high street brand that is easily my most favourite on the scene for their amazing dupes, great formulas and good shade range. That is, of course, Topshop Make Up. My collection for this is no where near big but that just gives me even more of an excuse to expand it, right? Once again if you want a full review of any of the products listed below, tell me in the comments and I will get straight on that!

Cream Blushers £7
Afternoon Tea - A beautiful rosy, pink blush with a lovely cream to powder formula compacted into cute polka-dot packaging. Topshop cream blushers alone are what made me love cream formula colour products, (well them and the Real Techniques Stippling Brush!). I love the pop of pink this brings to the cheeks along with a gorgeous sheen which makes the skin appear flushed and slightly highlighted! 
Morning Dew (full review here) - A lovely pink blush with an orangey undertone, a perfect shade for Summer. This looks beautiful alongside a light dusting of bronzer for an effortless S/S look that really cannot be beaten. The pigmentation is incredible and the creamy formulas lasting power is impeccable for it's cheaper price tag. If you haven't already I highly recommend you go snap up some of these cream blushers from Topshop right now! 

Glow Stick in Spotlight
Made with the initial intention of being a pale pink, light reflecting cream highlighter in an easy-to-use bullet which also doubles up as a beautiful, sheer blush for paler complexions like my own. This product is convenient as well as pretty, gliding beautifully on the cheeks and with a touch of blending, creates an effortless, dewey complexion that will work wonderfully in these warmer months. 

A beautiful cream (are you sensing a theme?) highlighter that has quite the little hype surrounding it in the blogging world. This has a great white-champagne hue that when blended onto the skin, creates a lovely natural highlight that emphasises and structures those cheek and brow bones, two attributes that I love. The only downside to this product being the petite packaging which is more then challenging for long-nailed girls, so detail brushers are required if that's you! 

Lipsticks £8
Rio Rio - A vibrant, bright red with a satin-matte finish that works great all year round. Dress up an everyday make up look with this bold bullet or go from day-to-night effortlessly with just one product!
Whimsical - A pink-nude with an orange undertone and a velvety-matte finish. Not too drying for a matte formula and a perfect everyday nude that suits a majority of make up looks on the eye. The pigmentation is excellent and the quality is no less impressive than more higher end brands such as MAC. 
Pillow Talk - A beautiful, baby pink colour that shares a resemblance with some of the MAC nudes (review here). I love this for a simple everyday lipstick that, although is definitely a comfort-zone cosmetic, still creates a beautiful, girly look once applied.  

A beautiful, trio of shades that once swirled together on a big fluffy brush create a beautiful bronzed, illuminated glow that gives you the Bronze Goddess appearance in a matter of seconds. Or if you want slightly more precision, use a smaller brush to pick a bit from each colour to contour and highlight specific points on the face. The formula of the powder is beautifully pigmented, easy to blend and have great wear time. 

Velvet Lips in Plush
A deep, vampy purple that works well in the Wintery months. This is a great colour to dress up an evening look, making one appear more edgy and bold, so if you're feeling confident, give this a go! The formula is very mattifying that although looks beautiful on, is incredibly drying on the lips so I do avoid wearing this regularly for this reason, a shame I know. The formula also seems to crack and flake after a few hours, the capital issue when it comes to mattes!

Nail Varnish £6 (full review here)
Venus Fly Trap - A beautiful pistachio green that looks bold after just one coat but perfect with two. The formula is ultra shiny and long lasting that doesn't chip and is a lovely colour for S/S. 
Imagination - A gorgeous, sparkly iced blue that apples well, looks opaque after just two coats but still lives up to the glittery nail varnish name of being impossible to get off! 
Tingle - A lovely, muted pink, sparkle varnish with speckles of silver that works beautifully painted onto the accent nail for a simple but pretty look. 
Plume - A beautiful, deep purpley-blue that is ultra shiny as well as slightly holographic that gives the varnish colour adapting qualities making it slightly more unique and edgy. I love this colour and feel that it would work well on year round.
Sweetheart - A lovely hot pick colour with the crackle formula that works super effectively when painted over a white nail varnish for a cute but edgy look. It last well but still removes easily when you want it to and is a great addition to anyones collection. 

So that's my Topshop collection! I hope you enjoyed reading this and finding out about the products I own and what works out best for me or possibly not that well. Come back next Monday for another post in my Cosmetic Collection series.

Let me know what you think in the comments.
What's your favourite item from Topshop Make Up? 


  1. These all look lovely! I need to try more Topshop bits! Great post :) xx

  2. I love your posts and this one also, but can I give you a tip? Change the options of the photos you post to BIG. Who visits your website, like myself, is interested in your content so don't be shy to post LARGER-SIZED pics, ok?

    1. Thanks for the good feedback!
      I will definitely take it on board :)

      Leanne xx

  3. Your collection is literally perfect!!

  4. Top Shop seems to come out with some of the most gorgeous lip colors! Definitely need to pick up some goodies from them in the future!

  5. I don't own any topshop make up but this has made me want to buy it all! x