Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Beauty| Topshop Glow in Polish

Topshop is not only one of my favourite clothing bands but also one of the best quality, affordable cosmetic brands on the high street. I often find myself debating wether you can call the Topshop cosmetics 'high street' as many of the products finishes and pigmentation doesn't differ in quality when comparing to brands that are more high end eg. Mac, Benefit (the list really can go on). The only downside to the Make Up by Topshop is that the fair prices always ensure that I end up buying products in bulk which end up costing me a small fortune. A positive for my collection but my bank balance definitley disagrees. 

Having magpie-like-tendencies, I'm always drawn too the shiny, shimmery, light-reflecting products which explains why I own so many highlighters. After my love affair with Mac's Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle came to an end when I hit pan once and for all (unfortunately right at the beginning of my spending ban) I decided to venture into my stash and try and incorporate one of my pre-owned highlighters into my routine. This is when I fell I'm love with Topshop's Glow in Polish.  

A pretty, pearlescent cream that works wonders on the cheek bones, accentuates the brow bone and also helps to finish off a smokey eye when placed on the tear-duct to brighten up ones eye area. This gives a really subtle glow, with no sparkle and looks lovely for those of you that have pale complexions like myself. The forumla is pigmented, long lasting and the creamy consistency ensures that  the product blends well. A little bit really goes a long way so even though the pot is a little on the small side, it last for ages. The packaging really brings the only negative to light as the small proportions unfortunately make a difficult application for ladies with long nails. Unless you keep your claws short, you can pretty much write-off ever applying this creamy highlighter with your fingers but this really is a minor issue. 

Priced at only £9 for a excellent quality product, I really can see little to no reason for why everyone shouldn't have this in their make up collection. Especially when we are approaching the warmer months where bright, radiant complexion will be in everyone's favour.

Let me know what you think in the comments.
What's your favourite drugstore highlighter?


  1. This really is beautiful! I'm on the hunt for a new highlighter so I'll definitely try this one x


  2. Ive been so tempted by these!!!
    I'm after a good drugstore highlighter atm as I'm still attached to my Benefit High Beam!!


  3. Beautiful shimmery tone! Looks lovely x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  4. Ah I so need to try this, it looks so pretty! I love Topshop makeup, it's so affordable but lovely xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. ive been wanting to try this out out for ages! you have convinced me! xx

  6. this looks soo pretty...wow :)


  7. I really really need this bronzer in my life! 100% buying this for the summer, it is too hyped around not to :)

  8. I've never used highlighters before! But this one looks gorgeous and could be a good start for me!? :)
    Great review!
    xx Ann-Kathrin