Friday, 21 March 2014

Beauty| Lancôme Artliner (Picture Heavy Post)

Lining my lash line is a staple in my make up routine and after converting to gel eyeliners, the NYX gel liner especially, I thought there was no going back. Yet, before long I grew tired of how badly gel liners sweat and became fed up of the black transfer under my brows that shared the appearance of nothing more then a Smokey Eye 'gone wrong'. I then set out to find an ultra-black, easy to apply, long-lasting liner to take its place and thank the heavens I have found it! The Lancôme Artliner is a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip application that gives ultimate precision and the perfect winged liner. I have tried felt-tip liners in the past and found myself being less then impressed with them. Some either dried out within a couple of weeks, others were too thick meaning there was minimum precision and others had a much more grey appearance rather then 'ultra-black'. I'm so happy this one has altered the bad reputation I have for felt liners and instead has made it probably my most favourite liner in all of my cosmetic history. 

With its ultra-classic packaging, armed with a pretty, gold font showing off the Lancôme rose, this is definitely a product that looks the part in ones collection. I love the screw on lid as it eliminates all problems of it coming off and damaging the product beneath - one of my all time pet hates in products. The tube is longer then most of its neighbouring felt liners and I like to think this is because it contains much more product meaning it won't be disappearing from your collection any time soon. The ultra fine nib is what gives it, its excellent precision and the directions of use can be altered to create a variety of different looks. If you want to achieve my preferred look, just a thin line to accentuate the lash line, just press lightly whilst applying. If you are after the ever-so-daring thick line to create something more bold and exciting, apply more pressure onto the nib and your wish is its command. 

Priced at £20, to be honest I was expecting a lot worst for a high end product and so was more then happy to kiss goodbye to my dosh in exchange for, if a dare say, a new holy grail in my collection. There really is little bad to say about the Lancôme Artliner. For all you liner-lovers out there this is an absolute 'must' in your cosmetic collection. 

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What's your favourite eyeliner?   


  1. Looks lovely! I like the applicator, looks much better than a brush one! Always love finding a new liner.

    Aimee - AroundTwenty xx

  2. It looks like it gives a beautiful even black line, but how long does it last? I am always looking for a long wearing eyeliner especially since I never have any time to touch it up during the day.

  3. I usually like using gel eyeliners but lately I am finding that I am needing a liquid liner. This one looks fantastic. Thanks for the review!