Monday, 5 June 2017

My Highlighter Collection!

After asking on social media whether anyone would actually be interested, I found myself a mere twelve hours later filming my whole highlighter collection for all my fellow glow-getters out there. It was touch and go at some points and if you make it past even just the highlighter palette section of this video, I have a huge amount of respect and gratitude for you. This video allowed me to finally fulfil my dream of bathing in a pool of highlight as after swatching a countless amount of powders, creams and liquids, I was glowing from top to bottom. Do not fear though, I have got your back, so if check out the description box of the video you will see I have given the minutes for when each section starts and ends so if you are all about the cream formula and powders don't interest you, just skip to your preferred time.

So if you want to see what highlighters I have purchased over the past few years and which are my go-to one's for a blinding glow, then check the video out! I would love it if you could like, sub and leave a comment with your channels in the comment section below.

What highlighter's would you recommend?

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