Sunday, 17 June 2018

Two Warm-Toned Looks from One Palette

I am an absolute fiend for warm-toned shadows as I have mentioned in many previous posts but I often find myself opting for the same variation of shadows when using even my most favourite palettes. The Morphe 3502 has quickly become one of my most used palettes this year so far and I am confident that I would wear every single one of the shadows that the palette contains. This has meant that I have actually fully explored the whole palette for once and not just the same few colours. Hence why today I am doing a post focusing on two looks created from just this one palette. 

Look One
This look is incredibly typical me as it incorporates a warm copper-gold foiled shadow called Rustic in the inner third of the eye, Blaze, which is a warm toned orange, blended through the complete socket of my eye and Rich, a chocolate brown in the outer crease. Paired with mascara and a black gel liner in my waterline, this look is perfect for me both day to night and is definitely one that I feel most comfortable in. 
Look Two
This look is something a little bit different purely for me as I rarely (and I mean rarely) opt for an all matte eye. Hence why I had to sneak a little pit of shimmer in the inner corner for an extra pop. For this, I payed extra attention to blowing out the outer third of my eye using the lighter orange-brown named Spice through the crease and blended towards my brow bone. I used the deepest brown in the palette, Muddy, to add extra dimension to my outer crease and created the gradience by applying the matte cream named Universal onto my inner thirds. I finished this look with lashings of mascara and eyeliner plus a touch of Zippy in my inner corner and ensured that I added a little extra glow to my face so it didn't appear extra flat.
If you would like a full review of this palette including swatches, leave me a comment below!
Do you prefer warm-tones or something a little cooler?

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