Friday, 17 July 2015

Stila Eyes Are The Window Soul Palette

Stila is a brand I love when it comes to their eye products. Their shadows, liners and pigments are always outstanding in quality and I believe are to be completely worth the price. I have been hunting  the Stila Eyes Are The Windows in Soul palette down for a while now and eventually found it hidden away in the online catalogue from Look Fantastic. My initial need for this palette was based on the array of neutral shades in various finishes with incredible pigmentation. Yet, once it became clear how many different looks could be achieved at the touch of brush with the variation of colours, I was in love. I love the spiritual connotations contained within the palette both with the product name and each shade. My favourite shades are without a doubt: Light, Thought, Character and Peace, which in combination with one another, create a beautiful neutral smokey-eye with purple undertones. It also contains Stila's most recognised shade Kitten, a definite must due to the gorgeous pale gold hue that is perfect for both the eyes or as a natural highlight. This is the perfect 'day to night' palette that will be a suitable on-the-go partner due to the amount of shades cased in a compact, tarnished gold packaging with a solid seal and a seriously large mirror. Wether you are a matte lover or a iridescent fanatic, there is enough of each to make it worth your money. Priced at £30, it is expensive but considering it contains 12 shades, none of which are considered to be a 'dud', it is most definitely worth the price. 

Let me know what you think.
What neutral eyeshadow palettes are you loving? 


  1. Gorgeous palette. I have a mac eyeshadow set with just two neutral shades and I adore it. I used to do heavy eye makeup, but I can't remember the last time I didn't go for a neutral look now.


  2. I've just bought this too and it's so pretty! Can't wait to use it some more xx
    Glossy Boutique