Thursday, 17 April 2014

Cosmetic Storage With Roo Beauty!

For me, Organisation is key and without it my mind, as well as my possessions, just feels cluttered. Nothing quite gets my blood pumping and my heart racing then having a big throw out, clinging to the stuff I know I'll actually use and finding a place for everything (slightly sad, I know). If you're finding yourself thinking yes, yes, YES! to everything I have just said then I would like to introduce you to a lovely company. Beauty bloggers meet Roo Beauty. 

Roo Beauty is a company thats specialises in storage solutions for all kinds of beauty lovers. Yes, not just for make up but nails and hair too! Roo Beauty themselves state that 'each piece of their beauty equipment has been painstakingly designed with professionals and home makers in mind'.  Take it from someone who has spent hours on their website, lusting over their detailed brush cases, nail varnish holders and beauty art cases they know what beauty addicts, like ourselves, are looking for. I thought I would take the time to show you some of my favourite items that I found on their website that may interest a lot of you. 

It may be big in size but this case ensures that you can pretty much carry all your cosmetics, nail varnishes included around with you, everywhere you go, both easily and very conveniently. With two pull out drawers that make it good for storing nail art supplies or even blushers, highlighters or single eyeshadows, the organisation ideas are endless. Plus, the nail varnish holder insert on another pull out draw, means that even your most delicate and expensive nail colours can be stored away neatly, ready to use at easy access whenever you so wish. Then lastly, the bottom area contains eight big sections that act perfectly when organising larger products such as nail varnish removers, foundations, skin care products etc. Therefore, the overall look appears neat, precise and easy to use when it comes to accessing each product. All of this is wrapped up in a beautifully detailed, strong case perfect for travel or stay-at-home use.

How gorgeous is this? A lovely protective case that keeps up to eight brushes secure inside, good for personal or professional use. This ensures that your brushes will be kept neat, secure and ready to use. These cases come in a range of different animal patterns and designs, that stand as eye-catching and stylish, as well as being completely unique to anything else I have ever seen. I, personally, love this Giraffe print and think not only will it stand out but will also do the job right, meaning all my lovely make up brushes will be stored safely away from any harm.  
This is my all time favourite item as it's so lovely and compacted but has so many different places for storage. It's clever and cute as well as very inventive. This little black bag has been invented with two storage items in mind being a black bag with a removable black box inside. This case includes four drawers, two of which have flip lids, that are great for storing boxed blushers or powders, lipsticks or lipgloss, the possibilities really are endless. As well as this there is also again, a main compartment, sectioned off for ultimate organisation! Plus even more storage (yes, it is possible!) which come in the form of three black pouches (pictured below) on the exterior of the case, perfect for brushes, mascaras, liners. Pretty much anything and everything will be suitable for this case! Roo Beauty themselves say that this little black case 'has been designed with both style and practicality in mind'. This perfect beauty companion is then completed with two trusty handles making it easy to use for travel or store away for everyday use in the home. Perfect! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and have seen something you liked! Please do check out Roo Beauty's website as there are loads of different options for ultimate organisation and I can guarantee there will be something for you!

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What's your favourite item in the post? 

*These pictures are not mine and belong to Roo Beauty. Roo Beauty know I am writing this post but all opinions are my own and are completely honest. 


  1. These are amazing - Bit pricey for me personally but they are lovely!!


  2. Oh wow these are amazing, I love the big massive case! xx

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