Thursday, 16 February 2017

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

Celestial and Sunlight
I cannot be only speaking on behalf of myself when I say that highlighter is my current favourite cosmetic item and the one I receive the most enjoyment buying as I truly believe each brand has a different product to offer. Whether you are on the hunt for shimmer, shine, subtly or standout glow, there will be a highlighter for you both on the high-end and high street. I usually tend to go for powders and I find these offer a more dramatic shine (my usual preference) and blend it better with my makeup and most importantly, not emphasise any pesky pores. This was until I saw the startling glow giving by the Cover FX Customer Enhancer Drops. Cover FX is definitely not a new brand in the blogging sphere as they have already made a name for themselves due to the success of their Custom Cover Drops that allowed its users to determine the coverage of their foundation depending on how many drops they choose to use which produced a revolutionary idea that many brands have begun to adopt. It is fair to say that the brand has not strayed far from this concept for their highlighters either as the strength of the glow depends entirely on how many drops used during application and a bit of advice - I would not use much! As you can see from the swatches above, I used a mere drop from the pipette which supplies enough product to highlight extensively, my cheek bones, nose and cupids bow and even then I still have a bit to spare. I have never used a highlighter that supplies so much pigment for so little product which I personally feel does justify the £34 price tag as you will not be using up this little bottle anytime soon. If you are a highlighter lover like myself then you really need this and you can thank me later. However, if a glaring glow is not your thing and you tend to steer clear from the 'strobing' effect, you can also mix this in with your foundation to produce a subtle all over glow to create the appearance of healthy skin on a duller day!

However, if you are looking for a budget highlighter, check out my review of the Sleek Highlighting Palette here or a post all about My Top Favourite Highlighters here. 

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What highlighter has impressed you recently? 


  1. I've been such a fan of CoverFX and their launches never seem to disappoint! I'm really liking this highlighter and the range! I can't believe how pigmented they are and the same I have (which is TINYYY) is still going very strong!

    Stephanie |

  2. I really wanted to pick up some of these but they all seemed to look silver on me once blended out. Maybe I need to go and swatch all the shades again! I love an intense highlight

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty