Monday, 5 December 2016

An Amazing Budget-Buy Mascara

 First of all, I think any beauty blogger would understand the struggle surrounding photographing silver, reflective packaging as it is virtually impossible to catch a shot without exterior reflections but the actual review. I stumbled upon this mascara when I ran out of my Too Faced Better Than Sex prior to payday meaning there was really no chance of me splashing out the cash on a high end mascara when I am already having to solve other money-evoked issues (e.g. Can I make a tenner in my fuel tank last a fortnight?...probably not).  Therefore, I reverted to the high street to find myself a mascara that could still offer me ultimate volume, length and of course, separation for a fraction of the price. Low and behold, I actually found one - The L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara nestled into the L'Oreal counter in my local Sainsbury's store, priced at a measly £11 which with the addition of having a £10 reward on my Nectar card meant I only paid £1 - day = made. 

However, not only was this silver, reflective tube (grr) an absolutely steal, the quality was so outstanding that I have not actually ventured into any high end mascaras since purchasing this as I have very much realised what high street mascaras have to offer. Firstly, do not let the thin brush put you off, I had serious doubts that this would add any volume but not only does it evenly coat each lash individually meaning they appear perfectly fanned and extra long, it also allows for extra coats to gain that volume which became a catalyst for many compliments from various friends and family. I find many high end mascaras are restrictive when it comes to building on length and volume yet this mascara as well as an amalgamation of various others on the high street, can be built up beautifully. An even greater convention of this mascara is that not only does it not transfer onto my brow bone, it doesn't shed either meaning there is no black dots spontaneously placed upon my cheeks to dull my highlight.

I seriously cannot recommend this mascara enough, especially for those who love buying makeup on a budget or even better still, are on the hunt for a good stocking filler!

Let me know what you think!
What high street mascaras have you fallen in love with?

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